Thorvald Hansen's tower in urban space

The Læsø tower in Byrum is not just a lookout tower with a good view of Læsø. Most of all, it is the unique story of the unique Thorvald Hansen.

One day in 1926, Thorvald Hansen lies on his mound in Byrum and finds that in fact you can no longer - as when he was a child - see the whole island, but only the roofs of the houses in Byrum and a few trees here and there.

Thorvald wants to get a better view of Læsø and decides that he wants to build a tower.

The first step is a trip to Skagen, where they have a nice lighthouse.

On the trip, Thorvald takes a string and a stone, and when he arrives in Skagen, he climbs up the lighthouse, lowers his string with the stone at the end over the edge, and when the string hits the ground, Thorvald strikes a knot on his string. Now he knows how high a tower must be to be a real tower, and he knows how high his own tower on Læsø must be…

The Læsø tower is being built

To the astonishment of many, Thorvald Hansen began in 1926 to make preparations for the construction of the tower. It should be well over 10 meters high. Many truckloads of sand and many bags of cement would be needed, which would probably have been driven to the site if it had been someone else who was the builder. But what Thorvald Hansen did was an example of what a human being can accomplish with the help of patience and perseverance. With a bucket in each hand, he went up the hill to the nearest gravel pit, which was 2 - 300 meters away, filled the buckets with sand and gravel and carried them home.

Using the simple molds he had made himself, he began casting bricks for the tower while taking care of his business. He had three molds and could make three bricks in the morning, three for dinner and three for dinner in the size 8 x 12 inches, corresponding to 20.3 x 30.5 cm. The warehouse of bricks grew day by day, and when it was large enough for construction to begin, he adopted a good acquaintance, Kristian "Puh Skie" Østergaard, who was to be the one to build the tower. The mason "Puh Skie" was not afraid of heights and simply built the tower without any kind of safety equipment. The mason began each sentence by saying, "Puh Skie," as if building such a beautiful tower was not something to talk about. And so he got his nickname.

Like a huge cigar tube, the tower quickly shot up from the top of the hill, and one fine day it was finished with the flag waving from the top, when it was 11 meters high. But the following year, Hansen built another 3.5 meters on the tower, equivalent to one meter above other white brick decoration. Subsequently, he built another 2.5 meters, from the beginning of the glam holes to the current top, to a total of 17 meters.

Thorvald Hansen was happy with his tower, from which he could then look all the way to the sea and dream of his seafaring time. He also wanted to share the view with others, and everyone was allowed to ascend the tower.

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Adults: DKK 20

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The tower is 17 meters high

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