Kronborg Castle

on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Kronborg Castle in Helsingør is one of Denmark's most well-known and visited attractions. The castle is situated on a narrow isthmus between the Øresund and Kronborg Lake, and its impressive architecture and historical significance make it an attraction not to be missed.

©Kronborg Castle

10 good reasons to visit Kronborg Castle

  1. Historical significance: Kronborg Castle has a rich and exciting history and has had a decisive role in Denmark's history.

  2. Unique architecture: The castle's impressive architecture and beautiful view make it one of Denmark's most photographed buildings.

  3. Knight's Hall: The castle's great hall is richly decorated with paintings and sculptures and is an impressive sight.

  4. The kitchen: An authentic kitchen from the 17th century gives a unique insight into how food was prepared back then.

  5. The Casemates: The underground passages which were used to store ammunition and supplies are an exciting attraction.

  6. Royal comfort: The king's bedroom with an authentic four-poster bed from the 17th century is an impressive experience.

  7. The cannons: The famous cannons, which are still fired twice daily, are an impressive experience.

  8. Guided tours: Get a personal tour from a knowledgeable guide and hear more about the castle's history and significance.

  9. Concerts: Experience classical music at the castle during the summer and enjoy the beautiful view of Øresund.

  10. Theatre: Every year William Shakespeare's Hamlet is performed at Kronborg Castle, which is a unique experience for those interested in theater and literature.

©Kronborg Castle

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