The iron hat

Viewpoint towards the Kattegat

Get a unique view of the Kattegat and the island of Hjelm, or experience rare Danish nature from this protected hill located on Djursland's southern coast between Ebeltoft and Grenå.

Jernhatten is a protected hill and vantage point, located just about 50 meters above sea level. Bakken is part of the national park Mols Bjerge and at the same time one of the 15 places in the country that are part of Denmark's Nature Canon. An experience value for all nature lovers, and especially those looking for a really good view.

Special nature

The plant and insect life located on the hill is a result of phenomena such as low rainfall and a significant sun exposure, which has helped to create unique conditions for nature. The place therefore has rare plants, which are otherwise mainly found in southeastern Europe. At the top you can also experience the Troll Forest which consists of beautiful crooked beech trees.

iron hat summer

Why is it called the Iron Hat?

An old story about the origin of the name on the hill is that Arnakke, which is the very place where Jernhatten is located, is named after the troll Arn. Arn was in conflict with a troll on Hjelm, who one day threw a huge stone at Arn. It did not hit Arn, but frightened him so much that he died on the spot. Hence Arnakke (Arn's neck), where the Iron Hat was to be the troll's hat of iron.

Something for divers

Just off Jernhatten on the Kattegat coast, there is a popular rock reef, which scuba divers regard as being one of the more interesting in Denmark. If you are lucky, you can find remains out in the water from the English Wars (1807-1814).

Great walk

If you are still a short walk past to experience the view and nature, it could for example be in connection with a hike in Mols Bjerge, then you can also get a good walk along the beach in a northerly direction. Here there are spring springs and beech trees at oblique angles side by side with the Kattegat shower. A really idyllic stand.


There is the possibility of parking right between Havmølleåen and the hill itself. The car park is approximately 300 meters from the site, and also serves as a car park if you want to take a walk along the beach.

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