Denmark's Science Center

At Experimentarium you can explore the world through technology and science. Experience a wealth of exciting exhibitions and demonstrations and become more aware of the quirky world of science.


10 good reasons to visit the Experimentarium

The Experimentarium in Hellerup is a fantastic attraction that offers a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages. Here are 10 good reasons to visit the Experimentarium:

  1. Interactive exhibits: The Experimentarium is filled with interactive exhibits where visitors can learn about everything from science and technology to math and natural phenomena.

  2. Hands-on learning: Experimentarium gives visitors the opportunity to learn through "hands-on" activities, where you can try things out and experiment with different phenomena and technologies.

  3. Child-friendly: The Experimentarium is perfect for children of all ages and there are plenty of activities specially designed to entertain and challenge the children.

  4. Educational: Experimentarium is not only fun, but also educational, and there are plenty of learning opportunities for both children and adults.

  5. Innovative: Experimentarium is known for being innovative and innovative, and there are always new exhibitions and activities to explore.

  6. Great for family outings: Experimentarium is a perfect destination for a family outing where both children and adults can learn and have fun together.

  7. Adapted to all ages: Experimentarium offers activities and exhibits adapted to all ages, so everyone can learn and have fun.

  8. Fantastic location: Experimentarium is located in beautiful surroundings in Hellerup, close to the water and surrounded by green areas.

  9. Inspirational: Experimentarium can inspire visitors to learn more about science and technology and maybe even spark interest in a career in these fields.

  10. Many possibilities: Experimentarium also offers workshops, events and lectures, so there is always something new to learn and explore.


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