The 6 Forgotten Giants

A sculpture treasure hunt in the open air

As part of the Vestegnens Culture Week in 2016, artist Thomas Dambo built 6 giants out of recycled wood, well hidden by forest, lakes and hilltops in selected places on Vestegnen (West of Copenhagen).

Take a walk in the beautiful scenery and see if you can find The 6 Forgotten Giants, which animate play and fantasy for both kids and adults.

Below you can read more about each individual troll, but also see our recommended walking route of 35 km if you want to walk/cycle around to the giants.


Below you can see our recommended route and get it on a digital map, so you can always see where you are on the route.

hiking route to the forgotten giants

Art in nature

The aim of the project is to bring the art outside the walls of the museum and into the nature on the Copenhagen Vestegn. The project encourages you to explore the beautiful and overlooked nature, thereby providing a different experience.
All six giants are built with the help of numerous local volunteers. The sculptures are built entirely of waste wood from local demolition projects, old twigs and residual wood.  

the west sign's fighter
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Below you can read about the giants, but you can also see ours map of all Thomas Dambo's trolls.

Teddy Friendly in Høje Taastrup

© ️Thomas Dambo

Teddy Friendly you will find in Høje Taastrup, where he stands by a small river next to a lake. He holds out one arm to help people across. To build Teddy's beard and coat, cuts from newly felled trees have been used. He is named after a very kind and hardworking guy who helped creating the sculpture. 
You will find Teddy at the intersection on the map below.

(Click to enlarge)
© ️Thomas Dambo

Little Tilde in Vallensbæk

© ️Thomas Dambo

You will find Lille Tilde in the area at Vallensbæk Mose, where she lurks through the trees on the wild nature and rich wildlife. As a bonus, artist Thomas Dambo has built 28 hidden birdhouses inside the sculpture until the cold hits the marsh. Little Tilde is named after one of the employees who helped build the sculpture. 
You will find Tilde at junction # 4 on the map below.

Thomas on the Mountain in Albertslund

© ️Thomas Dambo

Thomas On the Mountain you will find in a clearing at the top of the mountain in Albertslund, where he relaxes and enjoys the view of Kongsholm Park. Maybe you want to sit on his long legs and enjoy the view with him? The sculpture is named after Thomas Dambo's intern, also named Thomas, who has been part of the project from the beginning.
You will find Thomas at junction # 5 on the map below.

(Click to enlarge)
© ️Thomas Dambo

Oscar Under the Bridge in Ishøj

© ️Thomas Dambo

Oscar Under the Bridge you will find at Ishøj Strandpark. Among other things, he is made of waste wood from a downed watermill, and then he is named after an artist from Chile who helped build the sculpture.
You will find Oscar at the intersection on the map below.

(Click to enlarge)
© ️Thomas Dambo

Sleeping Louis in Rødovre

sleeping louis
© ️Thomas Dambo

Sleeping Louis lies in a clearing at the top of a small hill in Rødovre. Inside the sculpture there is a small cave that you can climb into through Louis' mouth. He is named after Thomas Dambo's former intern from England who helped build the sculpture. 
You will find Louis at the intersection on the map below.

(Click to enlarge)
© ️Thomas Dambo

Hill Top Trine in Hvidovre

hilltop trine
© ️Thomas Dambo

Hill Top Trine lies on a small hill in Hvidovre. If you crawl up into her palms you get a unique view of the Avedøreslet. She is named after one of the volunteers who helped build one of the other giants.
You will find Trine at the intersection on the map below.

(Click to enlarge)
© ️Thomas Dambo

Go troll hunting with our free app

At OpdagDanmark, we have created a free app that shows the way to thousands of experiences - e.g. playgrounds, child-friendly beaches, ice houses and much more – and of course all Thomas Dambo's trolls! We even have cycle and walking routes that go past several. of the trolls…

Before long you can also create folders and keep track of which trolls you have visited and which ones you are missing. But we are also developing a function so that you get a stamp in a troll passport every time you visit a troll...

16 reviews

  1. Super nice activity for all ages

    super super fun to do with family and / or friends! Also a corona friendly activity! Although it's a bit hard to find Louis!

  2. Super coronafrie ture

    When we've done IT homework with the grandson in 2nd grade, it's always time to find trolls with him and his little sister. We have gradually found 5 and we continue! Lovely walks and home to hot cocoa.

  3. An all-time outdoor experience!

    We have had great pleasure in looking for and finding the giants - together with the grandchildren!

  4. wonderful

    Can my card be updated?
    Fantastically beautiful fights 🙂

  5. Enormous community spirit

    I think a TV show should be made about Thomas and the 6 giants. Also seems that his sense of community is absolutely enormous.

  6. Haven't been there myself, But my niece Christina posted pictures. A great troll ride. Looks like the breasts When the corona period is over and we can travel.

  7. Fantastic concept

    Great idea that gets us out on new trips. Beautifully made 🙂 I hope we can also get some in our beautiful nature around Rold Skov in Himmerland, among Rebild Bakker, St. Økssø and the springs 🙂

  8. Wonderful experience

    Wonderful experience that can be warmly recommended for both children and adults

  9. Will be very happy until they come to Rold forest or North Jutland

  10. Is cozy for all ages

    It's really nice to go and look for giants and the story behind is really sweet.

  11. Super great

    Great idea and lovely places they are located. The family has had some super good hours on the trip around, to find trolls ..
    Brilliantly made ..

  12. Super walks in the green with a fun surprise

    A fun and exciting way to get out into nature - several trolls have come to the side both in Denmark and abroad ...
    but there is a shortage for them, is it something that may come?
    A good and fun way to bring the whole family together

    Remember to give each other space to take a picture with the trolls, keep away from other families #NyLivMedCorona

  13. Fun family activity

    Really nice fighter. Fun to go and look for them. It is easier to get the kids on a trip when the trip has a purpose.

  14. Super nice

    Great walk out to little Tilde
    Well thought of, a fun surprise if you do not know them Good trip to you

  15. A fantastic free experience

    We & #8211; 2 adults and 2 boys of 9 years & #8211; last summer had the great pleasure of spending 2 vacation days finding the fighters.
    I had printed the card from home and we drove by car to the checked parking spaces and from there it was then the boys were to find them. We got a lot of KM going.
    The fighters are all incredibly nice, and definitely worth a visit

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