Karlstrup Kalkgrav

Historic natural gem

Karlstrup Kalkgrav is part of Karlstrup Forest and is a historical natural gem where you can get an insight into the landscape formation over millions of years. 

Explore the scenic area and get very close to Danish history. Maybe you're even lucky enough to find a fossil?   

Beautiful nature experiences

The limestone tomb was formed in the Cretaceous, millions of years ago, and is an area of approx. 30 acres. In the middle lies a large, beautiful lake with the clearest azure water.

The lake is very inviting, and especially on hot summer days it can be tempting to cool off with a dip in the beautiful lake. Note, however, that in some places the lake can be up to 14 meters deep, which can mean large temperature fluctuations and that bathing is at your own risk!

The area at Karlstrup Kalkrav is also a nice place to go hiking. Among other things, you can experience rich plant and animal life, including lead chickens, scuba divers, tower falcon and snoge. There are two different paths around the lime pit & #8211; a wide path along the lake and a smaller path along the top of the lime pit.


Children's guide to Karlstrup Kalkgrav

The children on the Blue Milky Way from the school on Grundtvigsvej have been discovering Denmark, and in this connection they have visited Karlstrup Kalkgrav. Here you will find their guide to Karlstrup Kalkgrav.  

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