Events in Løkken 2024

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Vilgurd Family Camp

At Vilgurd Familiecamp, it's a holiday for the whole family every year during the summer holidays. A multitude of activities have been arranged for both young and old, so you will certainly not be bored. All meals are provided by skilled chefs who prepare wonderful meals from local ingredients.

© Børglum Monastery

Events at Børglum Monastery

Throughout the year, a lot of events take place at Børglum Kloster, such as changing exhibitions and the ever-popular Christmas market.

Rubjerg Knude Run

Hundelev City welcomes you to the Rubjerg Knude Run, which takes place in the dramatic and challenging terrain around Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse - So lace up your running shoes and keep your mouth shut. 

© Rubjerg Knude The race

© Løkken Concert

Løkken Concert

Every year, Løkken Stadion opens its doors to a bang for a party at Løkken Koncert – typically with bands such as Minds Of 99, DAD, Ude Af Kontrol and Sanne FEAT Electric Guitars give it gas in the popular seaside resort. 

Christmas in Den Gamle Badeby Løkken

Christmas in Løkken will begin on the 18th. December, when the two bathhouses on the town square will be full of cozy stalls. There are plenty of opportunities to buy an almond gift, Christmas gift, hostess gift and much, much more.

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