Trøjborg Castle ruin

Bredebro's oldest attraction

Just a few kilometers outside Visby you will find a hidden gem of Danish history. Surrounded by beautiful Danish nature, you will find Trøjborg Castle ruins, which have existed since the Middle Ages back in the 14th century. 

The story of Trøjborg Castle ruin

The first Trøjborg was owned by Johan Limbek until his death in 1355, after which the farm then belonged to the Limbek family. 
The last owner of the family was Claus Limbek until he sold the farm to Queen Margrethe I in 1407, who mortgaged the farm to Ribe Bispestol. 
Trøjborg had many owners until 1851, when it was sold to KL Knudsen, who offered to donate the castle to the state with a view to establishing a Danish seminary. When these plans were not realized, the castle was demolished in 1854. 

Parts of the castle's south wall and basement have been preserved when the moat collapsed during the demolition.
Since then, stones from Trøjborg have been used to build farms in the area.

There is free access to Trøjborg Castle Ruin, so the ruin can be visited as desired. Remember to move with care.

There is free admission to the castle ruins.

You can find a single public toilet.

Approx. 500 meters away from the castle ruins you will find parking.

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Trøjborgvej 21
Bredebro 6261 DK
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