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Everything you need to know about the plant

The Cold War Museum Regan West is the country's best-preserved nuclear bunker from the Cold War.

What makes it so special? 

What was supposed to protect the government and the royal house at the time, will soon be ready - with all its interior intact - ready for you to get out and experience Denmark's deepest secret - 60 meters underground in a chalk hill in Rold Skov.

What is Regan Vest?

In the 1960s, REGAN Vest - the government facility Vest - was built for the purpose of protecting the government and the kingdom from war - in which case the government facility in North Zealand was no longer a solution.

And this was the purpose for a long time:

It was not until 2003 that REGAN Vest was taken out of operation - that is, they no longer updated the interior furniture, etc., but only maintained the bunker. 

In connection with the contingency agreement on 12 November 2012, the bunker was written off by the contingency and then handed over to the Ministry of the Environment. 

The purpose of the nuclear bunker

In 2014, the Palaces and Culture Agency decided to preserve REGAN West and the furniture, and thus ensure that the memorial from the Cold War is preserved.

So what is the goal now?

The aim is to create an experience for the public - both large and small, but also locals and visitors - and tell the story of the government facility and the Cold War.

When does the museum open?

REGAN West is set to open in late 2022. After hard work to ensure fire and climate protection since 2013, the museum is soon ready for the opening. 

regan vest

What's in the system?

REGAN West is built to be able to protect the government and the kingdom, so it is possible to react to the country even during crisis situations - and from the plant itself.

And that means two things:

Firstly, it has meant that the decor leans more towards domestic than military.
Secondly, it also means that the plant is crisis gas and nuclear safe, and can thereby withstand the consequences of a nuclear attack - in case REGAN West is not perfectly affected.

Because if the government and the royal family are to be able to stay in REGAN West for a longer period of time, it has been seen necessary to make the facility self-sufficient. 

It has meant:

That for several weeks it is possible to live in the plant without any kind of supply from outside. With the plant's many rooms, which i.a. broadcast studio, kitchen room, doctor's clinic, engine room, storage room and more - all of which still have their original furniture - it would have been possible to live, and react, in the facility.

What do you want to see in the museum?

The bunker will of course be the main attraction in the museum. However, more areas are also being added that can pass on the story of REGAN West and the Cold War.

There will be, among other things:

A new welcome and exhibition building, which has its own shops, ticket sales and café. In addition, there will be a learning center for the schools' oldest students, who can learn more about the memorable period.


In order to give a picture of everyday life through the Cold War, the yellow villa - which is located in front of the bunker - is returned to its original condition, so visitors can see how the workers who maintained REGAN West at the time lived.

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