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Events in Odense 2024

There are a ton of events in Odense, and we've put together a small list of some of the best that you can add to your calendar.

The Funen city offers both music, adventure and magic for young and old. 

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Below you can find a list of the year's recurring and major events. If you want to see what's happening in Odense - both big and small - then go to our map:

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HC Andersens Festival

Are you going on a trip through Hans Christian Andersen's adventurous universe? Every year in week 34, you can relive the good, old fairy tale classics when theater performances, lectures and guided tours hit Odense.

And it gets better:

Not only that, you can also experience street art, concerts, light shows and much more. There is something for everyone at one of Denmark's largest cultural festivals!


Join one of Denmark's biggest music festivals! With a broad line-up from both international world stars, well-known Danish artists and electronic music, you can do nothing but get the mood up and an experience of a lifetime.

Is that the only thing?

No! Let yourself be torn apart by the best classics from the 90s, or experience comedy in Groovebox - otherwise you can become part of the square's small happenings throughout the festival. There is something for everyone!

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Magic Days

Get some magic in everyday life when Magic Days occupy Odense city center. Let magic take over everyday life when Magic Days spread the literature to families with children, young people and magic lovers through small events and games.

How long is it:

Every autumn, magic is cast over Odense for 3 days, where everyone has the opportunity to find their inner wizard!

Green Concert

Grøn Koncert is touring around Denmark, and will be visiting Odense in July. Here you can experience a wealth of different artists during the day, while of course there are stalls with food and drink!

And did you know?

All profits from the Green Concert go to the Muskelsvindfonden's work, and you thereby support a good cause when you buy your ticket for one of this year's great experiences.

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