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Experiences on Ærø 2024

Ærø offers a wealth of experiences for both young and old - most of these experiences are based on the rather special nature that can be found on the island. Ærø is the ideal island for a hiking or cycling holiday, so just lace up your hiking boots or pump a bike - and explore the little gem in the middle of the South Funen Archipelago. 

We have compiled an overview of the absolute best experiences that the island has to offer below. 

Main attraction for children and childish souls 

Explore Solbo Labyrinth

Explore Solbo Labyrinth, where you can use various quizzes to find your way to the center of the labyrinth. There are many different quizzes belonging to the labyrinth, and you can therefore go exploring in the cornfield several times. 

Take the family under your arm, pack a good packed lunch and get loose in SolBo Labyrint. 

© Solbo Green

© Bjørn Kjær

Hiking route with the possibility of accommodation

Lace up your hiking boots to Øhavsstien

The hiking route Øhavsstien is a full 36 km long - but can be divided if the forces are not for the long hike. Experience the beautiful nature and the historical monuments that can be found on the route, and spend the night in one of the shelters set up. 

The path is for walkers, and it is therefore marked with marker poles. Read more about the route and see a map of it below. 

Museum experience for both large and small

Visit the Old Shipyard

At Det Gamle Værft you can experience living workshops where the whole family gets very close to the maritime history - and you can even be allowed to get your fingers dirty. The museum consists of two exhibition buildings, which are called Den Blå Hal and Værftshallen. In addition, the museum spreads over the harbor area, where they have their own berth, among other things. 

Read more about the museum, exhibitions and see upcoming events and activities below. 

© The Old Shipyard

© Ærø Kayak and SUP

Active experience on the water

Experience the wave blue at Ærø Kayak and SUP

At Ærø Kajak and SUP, both large and small can participate in courses in the two water activities. You can also go on a guided tour or go on your very own romantic tour at SUP with rosé for the adults. 

Read more about the courses, the guided tours and the many different opportunities and activities that Ærø Kayak and SUP offer below. 

Exciting nature area 

Explore the Beak

The exciting nature area Næbbet stretches 300 meters towards the South Funen Archipelago, and is one of the most interesting places for bird and plant enthusiasts all over Ærø. In addition, the section between Skjoldnæs Lighthouse and Næbbet is a very polar place for anglers due to the water depth and the strong current. 

Explore the Beak and explore the area's diverse flora and fauna. 

© Mikkel Jézéquel

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Museum experience for the whole family 

Travel through time at the Marstal Maritime Museum

At Marstal Maritime Museum you can take a journey through the Danish maritime history from the 17th century to the present day. Musset is housed in five different buildings close to the harbor in Marstal, and has as many as 37 exhibition rooms where the maritime history is brought to life - so you will certainly not be bored on a visit to the Marstal Maritime Museum.  

Read more about opening hours, exhibitions and upcoming events below. 

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… And get tips for experiences, places to eat, etc. - Whether you are on Ærø or somewhere else in Denmark.