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Restaurants in Ærø 2024

Whether you are into larger dining experiences or you just want to find out what local specialties the area has to offer, you can find it in our overview below. 

The overview contains the best taste experiences and restaurants that we believe you can find on Ærø. 


Informal gastronomy 

Arnfeldt Restaurant

Experience gastronomy at a high level - where the focus is on local ingredients and quality. At Arnfeldt Restaurant you can get a bite of all the best from Ærø in beautiful and charming surroundings. 

Read more about the restaurant, the menu and opening hours below. 

© Arnfeldt Hotel & Restaurant

© Café Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

Authentic holistic experience 

Café Den Gamle Købmandsgaard

Make your way past Den Gamle Købmandsgaard on the square in Ærøskøbing - and take a trip back in time. At Den Gamle Købmandsgaard, they serve home-made, well-cooked food from organic and local ingredients in a historical and unique setting. 

Homemade icecream

Ærø Ismageri

Try the many delicious and different ice creams that they serve at Ærø Ismageri. The ice cream is always homemade, handmade and from the best ingredients. 

Read more about the ice cream parlor and the opening hours below. 

© Ærø Ismageri 

© Ærøskøbing Røgeri

Local specialties 

Ærøskøbing Røgeri

You can enjoy a lot of freshly smoked specialties from Ærøskøbing Røgeri on their cozy courtyard in front of the smokehouse, take it with you or take it on the ferry ride on the way home. 

Read more about the smokehouse, see menu and opening hours below. 

Restaurant in the heart of Ærøskøbing

Restaurant Mumm

The well-known and popular eatery is now 50 years old, and is therefore closest to an institution in itself on the island of South Funen. At Restaurant Mumm, they use as much as possible organic, sustainable and local ingredients and products - so you are guaranteed a wonderful and tasty meal.

© Restaurant Mumm

© Ærø Brewery

Local brewery and café 

Ærø Brewery

Explore the many different and very tasty beers from Ærø Brewery - And if you get hungry along the way, you can visit the café, where open sandwiches, cheese dishes, coffee and of course cake are served. 

Read more about the brewery's beer range, the café's menu and opening hours below. 

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