Cycle routes on Funen 2024

Fyn, also known as Denmark's "garden", offers unique cycling experiences. The picturesque cycling routes lead through idyllic landscapes, lush fields and charming villages. Experience the island's beautiful coastline and enjoy trips along Funen's many lakes. Visit historic castles and manors on the way, and take a detour to the cozy Funen towns. With a well-developed network of cycle paths, Funen is the ideal place for cyclists of all ages and levels.

With these beautiful settings, Funen forms the starting point for many fantastic cycling tours and nature experiences.

The guinea pig route

The porpoise route is a good one-day trip of just over 35 km. The trip starts in Middelfart, goes through Strib and finally around the beautiful zoo on the Hindsgavl peninsula. The route takes you along small roads and paths along the shores of the Little Belt. On this route, with a little luck, you can spot a porpoise, one of the world's smallest whales.

Bike Island Route

If you choose the Bike Island Route, you will get around all of Funen, incl. Ærø and Langeland. It is recommended that you plan some breaks and overnight stays along the way. The Bike Island Route is a long continuous route of 570 km including the ferry crossing to Ærø, you can choose to take the whole route or individual stages. It is free to start the trip anywhere.

Regional route 41+42: Hindsholm

On this cycle route you come from Kerteminde to Korshavn, and you can advantageously drive past Fyns Hoved as the route ends nearby. The Hindsholm peninsula is something very special with idyllic landscapes, large manor houses and orchards along the water. Cycle tours on Hindsholm take you along winding roads, in hilly green surroundings. It is free to start the trip anywhere. 

Regional route 45:
Odense - Kerteminde

This route is one of the shorter ones at just over 24 km, the trip follows cycle route no. 45. It stretches from Odense city center to Kerteminde harbour.

The trip through the town of Kølstrup contains a lot of charming smaller half-timbered houses. When you come to Ladby, you can choose to take a detour to the Ladby Viking Museum. Otherwise, the trip continues along Odensevej, where you again hit Kerteminde Fjord, which you follow all the way to Kerteminde town, an incredibly beautiful stretch. When you arrive in Kerteminde, you cycle over a bridge, where you will find cobbled streets and a lot of cozy cafes.

Regional route 80+81:
Northern Langelang

Northern Langeland offers enchanting nature and historic sites. When you cycle here, you move through lush forests, past old half-timbered houses and views of the blue sea. It's a journey back in time, where each pedal thread brings out new adventures and hidden treasures.

Regional route 82+83:
Southern Langeland

In southern Langeland, cycling is an experience of tranquility and natural beauty. You drive through rolling fields, past historical landmarks and along shining coastlines. The fresh air mixed with the scent of the sea makes the ride soothing as you enjoy the view and discover the island's hidden gems on two wheels.

Regional route 90+91+92: Ærø

Ærø is an idyllic island in the South Funen archipelago, which is perfect for cycling trips. The rolling landscapes, charming villages and breathtaking coastlines make it an unforgettable experience. Cycling here gives a feeling of calm and immersion in the Danish nature, where you can experience Ærø's unique beauty up close.

Odense – Bogense Route

A scenic cycling route that stretches from Odense city center to the cozy market town of Bogense. On the trip you will, among other things, pass Glavendruplund and Dallund castle.

Odense - Svendborg Route

The cycle ride from Odense to Svendborg leads you through Funen's breathtaking landscape. The tour offers a mix of quiet woodlands, open farmland and historic villages. While following the rhythm of the pedals, Funen's characteristic soul and charm become apparent, and the journey is enriched by the island's natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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