Christmas markets in Denmark 2022

Now it's Christmas again, now it's Christmas again, and Christmas lasts until Easter!

Christmas is just around the corner and that means, of course, that it's about time for mulled wine, apple pie, roasted almonds, Christmas decorations and lots of fun.

There are a wealth of Christmas markets and Christmas events around Jutland, on Funen and on Zealand here in 2022. We have therefore made a list, which is divided into regions, so you can quickly find Christmas activities near you.

North Jutland

Christmas in Aalborg Zoo

At Aalborg Zoo, it is a tradition to dress the entire zoo in thousands of Christmas lights every year. In 2021, the theme will be "A tribute to love", which means that the park's lighting installations will exude magic and love. There will be, for example, a romantic irrigation, the mistletoe and the opportunity to meet Santa Claus. 

Christmas market at Gammeltorv in Aalborg

This year, the beautiful Christmas market on Gammeltorv in Aalborg is back. Here there is a wealth of stands with various exciting special products, such as Dutch cheese, churros and much more.

In addition to the fact that there is of course a fantastic decoration for the Christmas fun, there are also various rides and activities for young and old as well as areas with seating to sit and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

It has even been decided that the Christmas market this year should be even bigger than usual. This decision comes on the basis of an idea that people do not want to go shoulder to shoulder and therefore probably would rather visit the market if there is more space. The Christmas market will therefore extend all the way down to the new Nytorv.

© Gammeltorv Christmas Market

"Magical Christmas" in the Sculpture Park in Blokhus

Take a walk in the Sculpture Park in Blokhus and experience how trees, buildings and gardens have been decorated with more than 2 million candles. Here, the Christmas mood is at its peak, until December 30th. There are also sound and light shows every day at certain times. 

Of course, all major Christmas events include a large Christmas tree. The Blokhus sculpture park therefore also has a 17.5 meter high Christmas tree. 

If hunger strikes, the on-site café has a large selection of Christmas dishes. If the delicious hunger shows up, then there is also ample opportunity to buy various Christmas goodies in different stands. There are 15-20 different Christmas stands in the park, where you can buy Christmas sweets, handicrafts and much more.

Christmas at the castle - Voergaard

The beautiful Renaissance castle is decorated for Christmas, and offers a special exhibition in the old riding hall, as well as a traditional Christmas market. Here you can buy all kinds of goodies for Christmas, but also be inspired for this year's Christmas gathering.

Voergaard Castle offers demos organized by Bering House of flowers, to inspire your Christmas decoration or Christmas bouquet.

Ålbæk Christmas Market

In Ålbæk you will find a fantastic Christmas market with Christmas stands, beautiful decorations, candles and lots of concerts. For the concerts, it is first come, first served and it is free to attend. The motto is "The taste of Christmas", which probably testifies to the many delicious lovely Christmas treats that can be bought on the market. 

børglum monastery christmas

Christmas market at Børglum Kloster in Vrå

Go to Christmas market day at Børglum Kloster, where you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere to the fullest and end your visit with fireworks.

Although there will be a Christmas market on selected weekends in November and December at Børglum Kloster, this day is the only one where the monastery is open after dark, and where you will therefore be able to see all the beautiful lights when they are most beautiful. 

Here you will be able to experience a Christmas market with more than 40 different specialty stalls, where the selection ranges from food to beautiful crafts. At the same time, there will be the opportunity to have a nice dinner, as the café offers the classic Christmas table. These days are your chance to experience the private living rooms and the royal hall of the monastery, as they are only open to visitors in connection with the Christmas market.

Christmas at Bratskov

Bratskov Manor is full of Christmas spirit this year. You can visit 35 different stalls, with a multitude of everything the Christmas heart desires. Along with the smell of mulled wine, apple cider, pretzels and other Christmas delicacies from the café.

Brovst Citizens' Association organizes several events during the weekend that light up the Christmas spirit.

Christmas fun at Herregården Hessel

Christmas fun has been decided at Herregården Hessel. Here you can hear the story of a cozy Christmas on an old farm with elves, atmosphere, singing and dancing around the Christmas tree. There are fine exhibitions in the old rooms. There is also animation and tastings in the kitchen so you can really get into the right Christmas spirit

Strandby Christmas market

The Christmas market in Strandby is one of the first Christmas markets of the year. Elves, decorations, wreaths, cemetery decorations, Christmas trees and lights – everything that belongs in a real Christmas market.
It oozes Christmas spirit all day, and when you need to rest, there is a Christmas café, with the option of enjoying mulled wine and apple slices, or some food.

Christmas market at Vitskøl Monastery

Take a trip to Ranum and experience the Christmas market at Vitskøl monastery. There will be over 60 exhibitors with everything the Christmas heart desires. You will find i.a. handmade Christmas decorations, jewellery, paintings, felt, knitting, glass art and ceramics. You will also find a lot of different Christmas goodies such as smoked goods, wine, chocolate and organic fruit and vegetables.

On the occasion of the Christmas market, the gate to the Monks' Cellar will also be open, so it is possible to take a closer look at the many beautiful old rooms in the monastery.

Middle Jutland

Christmas at Nytorv in Viborg

Take a trip to the Christmas market on Nytorv in Viborg. Here there will be a lot of stalls with delicious Christmas items, good atmosphere and a huge Christmas tree. At the Christmas tree you will find a fantastic setup of candles and a built-in bar. Here the little ones can be allowed to meet Santa Claus and maybe visit the Santa Claus school, while the adults can enjoy a drink or a glass of mulled wine.

There will also be concerts, Christmas banquet and other Christmas entertainment through November and December.


Christmas in the Old Town in Aarhus

The Old Town is an exciting attraction in Aarhus, and it will be no less exciting at Christmas time. Here, the old houses from the 19th century and the 20th century are decorated well for the holidays, with Christmas decorations and candles. Of course there are also various stands and stalls with Christmas food, Christmas candy and other exciting things.

© The Old Town

Christmas at Stougaarden in Silkeborg

You can stop by Stougaarden and experience their Christmas market all four Advent weekends. Here you will be well decorated for Christmas and you can find a lot of exciting Christmas stalls and Christmas workshops. At the same time, there will be entertainment in the form of music and other exciting things.

Stougaarden also has Christmas tree sales. 

Christmas landscape in Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus

Tivoli Friheden has transformed the park into a fantastic Christmas landscape, with decorations, lights and a host of elves. There are about 45 stalls where you can break loose and find all sorts of exciting things, both in the form of Christmas treats and decorations.

© Tivoli Friheden

Christmas at the Prison in Horsens

The prison in Horsens holds Christmas days with lots of Christmas atmosphere. Here there will be about 200 stands with exciting things. In addition, the Christmas market also includes experiences such as the Christmas train, handicrafts and the goose parade.

Christmas trees and Christmas idyll on Holdflod

For 40 years, a Christmas party has been held at Holdflod in Vildbjerg. This year is no exception, and you can experience authentic Christmas atmosphere in the old barn. Visit the cozy Christmas shop or look for the perfect Christmas tree. 

Then you can sit down with hot drinks and apple slices and enjoy the Christmas cheer. If the weather is good, the old tractor w/wagon makes trips in the plantation. It is a wonderful experience for the whole family!

Open all four Advent weekends at 10-16.

Christmas at Gl. Estrup Manor Museum in Auning

At Gl. Estrup Herregårdsmuseet this year you will find a special exhibition called Christmas for Masters and Servants in 1918. Here you will be taken on a trip back in time, and will be allowed to experience an old-fashioned Christmas. There will also be Christmas baking, sale of Christmas trees and the opportunity to be creative with Christmas cards. 

© Gammel Estrup

Aarhus Art and Christmas Market

In Ridehuset right in the heart of Aarhus, a few minutes walk from the train station, you will find Aarhus Art & Christmas Market. Every year you will find up to 80 stands with Danish handicrafts. You can enjoy delicacies in the café when you need a break.

place: Ridehuset in Aarhus
Time: November 19 - December 18, 2022

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South Jutland

Christmas at Krusmølle

Krusmølle opens the doors for their traditional Christmas market, with gnomes and other things that belong to Christmas on 2000 m2. Krusmølle's own shop and café have also completely turned up the Christmas cheer, and you certainly won't be disappointed, even if you come from far away. There is Christmas fun for the whole family in Sønder Jutland.

The Christmas market opens already on the 15th. October, until 19 December.

Christmas at Schackenborg in Tønder

Schackenborg invites you inside for a fantastic Christmas exhibition. This year the theme is “Follow Your Star”, and the exhibition is made in collaboration with floral artist Johnny Haugaard. Here the natural elements are in focus, so the walls and ceiling of the castle will be transformed with the use of moss, cones and spruce. It will be a Christmas adventure without equal! You can also get a delicious Christmas plate at Slotskroen when you visit the Christmas exhibition, and of course there is also the opportunity to eat apple slices and drink mulled wine in long lanes.

© Schackenborg Fonden & Schackenborg Slot

Christmas market at Koldingshus in Kolding

Koldinghus opens up to a cozy Christmas market, where the motto is: “Good food, good craftsmanship and unique gifts you can't get anywhere else. ” Here they are decorated for Christmas and play Christmas music, so you can not avoid getting in the perfect Christmas mood.

Christmas at Sønderskov

The lovely smell of Christmas spreads around the house as waffles and cookies are made on the iron stove. In the manor's living rooms you will find many different bars with beautiful things and cases. This includes, among other things, local craftsmanship, design, lots of good stories, and a demonstration of the actual production of some goods.

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Christmas at Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo invites you inside for a fantastic Christmas atmosphere. The garden will be decorated for Christmas with 400,000 Christmas lights and a wealth of Christmas stalls. There will also be Christmas exhibitions in the form of reindeer, Santa's sleigh, a seven meter long heart and a six meter high Christmas present. 

Christmas market on the square by HC Andersens Hus in Odense

At HC Andersen's House in Odense, there will be a wonderful Christmas market in the first two weekends of December. The market has previously attracted around 60,000 guests, and that probably tells a little about how cozy it is. There will be a lot of different stalls, with everything from art to Christmas treats. As it is in the area where HC Andersen grew up, there will of course also be a feature with readings of the classic fairy tales. In addition, there will also be quizzes, children's games and a wealth of other experiences at the Christmas market.

© Adventurous Christmas Market

Egeskov Christmas Market in Kværndrup

Here at the castle you can experience a magical Christmas market. Egeskov Castle decorates the Christmas season and opens for visitors to a beautiful market with 100 different stalls. There will be crafts, well-known brands and of course a lot of Christmas treats. You can either go for a walk and experience the selection of stalls, or you can sit down and have some nice Christmas food. You can also go for a walk in the castle park and visit the Play Forest.

© ️Egeskov

Christmas market at Harridslevgaard Castle in Bogense

The Christmas atmosphere at Harridslevgaard Castle exudes when they open up to visitors at Christmas time. Here there will be a wealth of stalls where you can buy Christmas decorations, home interiors, jewelry and much more. The stalls are set up in the castle's Knight's Hall, where of course there will be decorations for the big gold medal.

Christmas in Nyborg

In the old Kongeby, Nyborg, a Christmas market is held every year during the first two weekends in December. Nyborg Torv is decorated for Christmas with candles, a large Christmas tree and a wealth of Christmas stalls. Here you can buy delicious products as well as Christmas food and Christmas snacks.

© Nyborg Christmas Market

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Christmas in Tivoli in Copenhagen

Tivoli in Copenhagen always goes all in when it comes to decorating for the holidays - Christmas is no exception. The park is wrapped in thousands of candles and decorations, to get you in the best Christmas mood. There will be a big Christmas tree in front of Nimb, and there will be Christmas stalls around the park with all sorts of Christmas treats. At the same time, there will be a lot of activities for all ages, namely both Santa's Christmas room, lucialys and Christmas tree lighting. 

© Tivoli Copenhagen

Christmas at Bakken in Copenhagen

The hill opens again this year for a Christmas party in the zoo. There will be decorations in the form of Christmas balls, Christmas lights and spruce, and at the same time there will be a lot of Christmas stalls where you can buy delicious things and things. The hill also offers various activities for both large and small. 

© Christmas at Bakken

Gisselfeld Kloster Juletorv in Haslev

In the last two weekends in November, the Christmas mood is at its peak at Gisselfeld Kloster. They have their annual Christmas market. Here there will be a lot of stands with Christmas goodies as well as good music and entertainment. Here you will also be able to buy your Christmas tree and decorations for yourself.

Christmas market at Højbro Plads in Copenhagen

Take a trip to the Christmas market at Højbro Plads in Copenhagen. Here there will be a lot of stands and stalls where you can taste and buy Christmas specialties in all forms. At the same time, there is also plenty of opportunity to find additions to your Christmas drawer at home, as there are plenty of decorations and art to be found at the Christmas market. Of course you can also meet Santa himself with his sleigh and reindeer. 

© Christmas market at Højbro Plads

Christmas market at Esrum Kloster in Græsted

At Esrum Kloster you can experience a wonderful Christmas market in historic premises and surroundings. Here there will be a wealth of quality and special items in the form of Christmas decorations, delicacies and much more. It's all about celebrating and supporting good craftsmanship.

Christmas at Gavnø Castle in Næstved

The Baroness decorates for Christmas at Gavnø Castle, and you can stop by and experience it over two weekends in November. The manor is from the 19th century and exudes history. The Christmas market is spread over 6 different buildings, so there is plenty of opportunity to explore the beautiful castle and its history. The different stalls at the Christmas market have a wealth of different products, so there is something for everyone. Everything from Christmas decorations, handicrafts and decorations to wine, cakes and much more. At the same time, there is also fun for the children in the form of Santa cat hunting and a straw playground.  

Last but not least - of course Santa Claus is coming too!

© Gavnø Castle

Christmas at Kronborg Castle in Elsinore

Take a trip to Kronborg Castle for their Christmas market. Here you will find one of Denmark's largest Christmas markets with experiences and activities for all ages. There will be jazz and gospel concerts for the adults and children's workshops and reading aloud for the children. At the same time you will find more than 80 stands just outside the castle, which have many different quality items. Here you will have the opportunity to buy designer goods, jewelry, toys and much more. Of course there is also a food market, with a wealth of specialties and delicious food. 

© Kronborg Castle

Engestofte Gods Christmas Market in Maribo

You will find one of Lolland and Falster's biggest Christmas events here at Engestofte Estate. Here is a fantastic Christmas market where you will find various stands, Santa's workshop, live music and much more. There are also a wealth of activities for the family, such as rock and paste cosiness and an "adventure café".

© Engestofte Gods

Christmas market at Birkegårdens Haver in Tågerup

In the beautiful Christmas gardens you will find thousands of candles, which create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. There are three different gardens that you can explore, namely the Danish / English garden, Sandhaven and Meditationshaven. The gardens have different themes and thus also different Christmas candle setups. Birkegårdens Haver offers a Christmas café, a Christmas shop and a Christmas shop. Here there will be delicious Christmas food, various stalls and stands as well as activities for young and old.

© Birkegården Haver

Christmas market at Kragerup Estates in Ruds Vedby

Kragerup Gods has a Christmas market with more than 100 stands, all of which offer exciting things that can turn up the Christmas spirit, as well as practical art and delicacies. Wicker, jewellery, ceramics, paintings, flower decorations, clothes and much more can be found at Kragerup Christmas Market.

In the nice living rooms in the main building, coffee and layer cake/pretzel are served when hunger and thirst set in. There is also a large food market where, among other things, can have burgers, sausages, fish & chips, pancakes, soups, mulled wine & apple slices etc

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  1. Christmas market at Rødovregaard

  2. Christmas in the old farmhouse

  3. On the old thatched farm Holdflod Anno 1832 there has been a Christmas market for the past 40 years. There is an authentic Christmas atmosphere in the old barn, where hot drinks and apple slices are served. There is a cozy Christmas shop and sale of Christmas trees. If the weather is good, the old tractor w/wagon makes trips in the plantation. An experience for children, parents and grandparents. Open all four Advent weekends at 10-16.

  4. There is a Christmas market at Kragerup Gods on 12 and 13 November. They have 100 stands with handicrafts and delicacies. I think that should be on the list 🙂

  5. Mia

    Holmegaard Christmas market 19 – 20 November 2022 in Fensmark

  6. Haughus Estate in Jelling. The last 3 weekends in November

  7. Silje

    Christmas market Kattegatcentret in Grenaa

  8. Sofie

    Aarhus art and Christmas market in Ridehuset in Aarhus.
    November 19th through December 18th.

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Thanks for the tip, Sofie. The event has been added to the list.

  9. DDS Stenlændernes Julemarked - number 44. in a row saw lots of traditions, children's activities and Christmas fun.
    4 and 5 December at 10 - 15 at Spejdergården Maglevad, Dam Holme 4, 3650 Stenløse.

  10. “Gro Jul” in Ebeltoft.
    Visit Grobund in Ebeltoft on 3 - 4 - 5 Dec. when a Christmas market is held with lots of local stands with sustainable Christmas presents.
    In addition, there is Jazz and Christmas goodies in the Café, and workshops and lectures in the Sky Room. The market is large, indoors and focuses on sustainability.

    “GroJul” at Grobund, Kaarsbergsvej 2, 8400 Ebeltoft

  11. John

    Christmas market in Krusmølle, Krusmøllevej 10A, 6200 Aabenraa

  12. Boltinggaard Estate in Mid Funen where Tinka and the Royal Games are included in the film studio (TV2's Christmas calendar this year) Cozy Christmas market for the whole family. Held for 3 consecutive years with great success. Look more at
    Always the first weekend of Dec. Friday 29/11 from 16.00-20.00 Sat and Sun from 10.00-16.00

  13. Lillian Nielsen

    Boldingård on Funen where Tinka's Christmas calendar is recorded

  14. Trine

    Christmas at Nytorv in Viborg

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