Aquadome Rødby

A tropical water park for the whole family, offering water fun and world-class experiences

Lalandia Aquadome in Rødby is a tropical water park that promises a world of water fun for the whole family. From exciting water slides to relaxing spa pools, there is something for everyone.

Main attractions

  • Water slides: Whether you're into speed, fun or surprises, the Aquadome offers a range of water slides, including the exciting Tornado, Pipeline and Wild River.
  • Kids Area: A special area designed for the 0-5 year olds, where they can play and frolic in peace.
  • Pools: From the fun wave pool to the relaxing grotto pool and stream pool, there are plenty of opportunities to take a dip.
  • WaveSurf: A unique surfing experience where you can try your hand at the waves and learn to surf.
  • Sauna and Spa: Enjoy a relaxing time in the sauna with a panoramic view or in the bubbling hot tubs both inside and outside.

Kids Area

In the heart of the Aquadome you will find a special corner: the Kids Area. This area has been created especially for children aged 0-5 years and offers a calm atmosphere, located slightly away from the Aquadome's busier parts. Here, the little ones can experience the joy of a slide designed exactly for their size, while funny logs and water toys provide hours of entertainment. With a pool that is only 28 cm deep and a comfortable temperature of 34°, children can splash and play in the water without worry. 

Practical information

If you are planning a visit to the Aquadome, it is wise to check the opening times, as they can vary from day to day. The tickets can easily be bought online. Bringing food and drink is not allowed, but you can enjoy a delicious snack or lunch in the Oasen restaurant. The changing facilities are both child-friendly and functional.

Whether you are a water dog, looking for relaxation or just want to have fun with the family, the Aquadome in Lalandia Rødby is the place to be.

For more detailed information and to purchase tickets, visit the official Lalandia Rødby Aquadome page.

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