Cycle routes on Bornholm​​ 2024

Bornholm, the sunny pearl of the Baltic Sea, offers unique cycling routes. Explore the island's impressive scenery with dramatic rocky coastlines, soft sandy beaches and lush forests. Cycle paths lead through picturesque fishing villages and charming towns such as Svaneke and Gudhjem. Experience Bornholm's rich history and visit the many historical sights along the way. With its cycle-friendly roads and beautiful landscapes, Bornholm is the ideal place for cyclists of all levels.

Bornholm offers a multitude of beautiful cycle routes in unique nature, where there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the silence of nature.

National Cycle Route 10: Around Bornholm​

Bordholm Rundt is a breathtaking cycle route that takes you through varied landscapes from rocky coasts to lush forests. The island, also called "Sunshine Island", is known for its natural beauty, which is best experienced from the bicycle saddle. The tour offers climbs that challenge your fitness, and descents where the wind shakes your hair. Along the way you meet charming towns and historical landmarks.

Regional route 22:
Robbedale - Årsdale

This route takes you from Robbedale to Aarsdale, and takes you through the fantastic nature of Bornholm. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to experience the Almindingen forest and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The forest is home to a number of animal species, including pheasants, squirrels, fallow deer and various bird species.

Regional route:
Rønne - The sanctuary

Regional route 23 is ideal for both experienced cyclists and those who want a relaxing ride in scenic surroundings. This cycle route gives you the opportunity to experience the best of Bornholm, from city life in Rønne to the island's natural wonders at the Sanctuary.

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