Denmark's best attractions for children

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Where in Denmark do you find the best attractions for children? At OpdagDanmark we have set this out to find out, and therefore you can now vote on the experience that you think is best when it comes to giving children and grandchildren wonderful experiences

There are plenty of amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, etc. that offer children's heights around the country. But which ones are best? Top 50 of Denmark's attractions is often found by looking at the number of visitors, but who says the biggest is best? That is why we are now asking the Danes to vote on your favorites so that we can make a list and map overview that will benefit all children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents.


  1. Else

    I think Aalborg Zoo is missing. I have been there a lot for many years and have borrowed various children to take with me. My nephew Martin of 6 years is just as fond of animals as his aunt, so we like to go to the zoo together. In Aalborg Zoo they have African elephants, they are not seen in many other places. In addition, they also have orangutans & #8211; Lone (her from the programs with the orangutans at Borneo) has worked with some of these monkeys.

  2. Munkholm Angoraland, 22 butterfly road, Vestermarie, Bornholm.

    Maybe Denmark's smallest place to visit, but maybe also the best for kids who love animals who are happy too!
    Angoraland has been there for 25 years this year !!, but few have probably visited the place that does not advertise big and is not big. Angora rabbits live freely throughout the year, in their own universe in a large mound of land, in addition to mohair goats who are frequently cuddled and fed, sheep, woolen pigs, guinea pigs in a small cattle yard (where disabled children can come in), as well as ducks, chickens, and you are ..
    A small place - far out in the countryside & #8211; find it !!

    The site also makes its own cosmetics and has a large spa and wellness clinic, as well as a farm shop and felt gallery.

  3. The many locomotives, where the public has access to both cab and wooden seats, and the mini train at the Danish Railway Museum in Odense fascinates both children and adults.

  4. Birgit

    Action House has offers for both adults and children

  5. Henrik

    Action House has the whole package for the kids and adult families.

  6. Line the niels

    Super fun place with many different kinds of experiences.

  7. Hell brix thomsen

    Action House & #8211; fun for all ages

  8. Benjamin

    Action House in Løkken is really a concentrated package of fun. There is a great variety of activities and the food is also good. 🙂

  9. Charlotte

    Action House is fun for young and old alike.

  10. Christian

    Fantastic place

  11. Jesper Nielsen

    Always hold our daughter's birthday at the Actionhouse as there are many different activities and the staff are the sweetest.

  12. Morten Villadsen

    Fårup is a hitter 🙂

  13. Ole pulse

    Pretty nice

  14. Caroline

    Action House is a great action experience for kids of all ages

  15. Millinge klint.
    Lie on the bathing bridge and catch crabs, as well as sleep in the fat shelters.

  16. Lilja Huijnen

    I think Madsby Legeland in Fredericia is missing. It is free and there is a lovely playground, water activities and animals to pat.

  17. Annette Frandsen

    Fårup summerland is fun for all ages.
    Heart heath is good in Denmark's history.
    The Copenhagen Zoo is super nice and also for all ages.

  18. Janni

    Great to experience a place where ALL employees make a whole-hearted effort to ensure that each guest has a good day.

    1. The editors

      Hi Janni. Thank you very much for your participation! Who did you vote for? That is not in your comment?

  19. The cultural park Hune is a super exciting place both summer and winter. Here are so many experiences and play opportunities, and good restaurant. Try it for yourself

  20. Anne

    The jumper in Aalborg. Good for all ages

  21. The jumper & #8211; Maritime Experience Center is an attraction for children of all ages.

  22. MIa

    Cultural history gem

  23. Jens Christian Larsen

    There are always a lot of different things going on with the animals out there, and so amazing scenery.

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