12% discount: Baking course with Karoline Trier

Do you also want to learn how to bake a juicy bread with a crunchy crust, or perhaps the soft brioche buns and a homemade rye bread? The course is both for you who want to learn the basic techniques in bread baking, and for you who have experience baking, but who lack the last technical skills to bake the perfect airy bread. On the baking course, you can immerse yourself in baking techniques and improve your kneading and baking skills. On the baking course, you will get to bake rye bread, sourdough bread, yeast dough and crispy snack bars. The day ends with a cozy shared meal with time to taste the creations. If there are leftovers, you are of course more than welcome to bring a bucket for a taste test for family or friends.

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