Grenen in Skagen

Denmark's northernmost point

Grenen is Denmark’s northernmost point and the tip of Skagens Odde, which at a length of 30 km is one of the world’s longest spits. If you stand at its outermost tip, you can see the waves crash against one another as the wind blows where the seas of Skagerrak and Kattegat meet.

Grenen is the result of deposited stone and sand, that the two strong currents have transported here over the last 100 years. It therefore constantly moves and due to the strong currents bathing in the sea is not permitted here. The landscape around Grenen is a protected nature reserve and home to many different types of plants and animals. Here, you can experience the dune formations, see seals sun themselves at the water’s edge or count the numerous species of birds that inhabit the area. The top of Denmark is also known for its special light, which has attracted painters to the area over the years. Feel free to bring along your own canvas and brushes, or perhaps capture the stunning landscape with your camera.

From the parking lot at the edge of the area, you can be transported through the sandy landscape by Sandormen. The tractor bus, Sandormen, has made the trip to and from Grenen for more than 50 years, and has also become part of the story of Grenen and an attraction in itself.

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Stand in two oceans at once! The northern tip of Denmark gives you the possibility to stand with one foot in Kattegat and one foot in Skagerak. The unique experience can be described like this:

“Nice place at the top of Denmark, where the two oceans meet - Kattegat to the east and Vesterhavet to the north. Very nice and tough nature, you can walk in the sand all the way to the top, and here go past Drachmann's tomb that lies in the dune, on the way out there you also pass bunkers from WWII, and maybe you lucky to see seals who loves to climb the stones of the buildings. You can also be transported by the Sandormen tractor bus that drives at regularly from the kiosk at the parking lot. Out there it is often windy and you can truly sense the two seas meet, the waves from each side breaking against each other. It is definitely not advisable to take a dip as there is a lot of current in the water and take care of the children if they just need to soak their feet, they can easily be taken into the water. From the Kiosk new hikes are made around Grenen - Skagensporet - see more information by the kiosk. "

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FAQ about Grenen i Skagen

There is a car park for Grenen, but it is a good distance from the destination itself. Therefore, you can use the Sandormen to be transported out there.

There is a car park for Grenen, but it is a good distance from the destination itself. Therefore, you can use the tractor bus Sandormen to be transported there.

On the walk it takes approx. 30 minutes.

No, due to the life-threatening currents, it is strictly forbidden to swim in the water at Grenen.

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    The branch also provides fantastic nature experiences on New Year's Day. For us, it has become an important tradition.

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