12% discount: Workshop in glue technique at Tinnetgaard

The feeling of creating something yourself is quite special and especially in the company of others. Here, time becomes a gift that creates space for coziness and lets creativity flourish. At Tinnetgaard, they certainly value the creative time that comes into play on this course. Workshop in glue technique is about transforming garden waste and neglected materials from nature into the most beautiful botanical creations. Using Tinnetgaard's glue techniques, you must make your own base, which can be used for beautiful flower decorations. After the course, new avenues for creative play with natural materials will open up, where the techniques you learn can be used in several different ways. You will become a master at giving nature's discarded materials a new life in the form of dishes, bowls, vases and decorative elements for the home. You just need to bring your good mood and desire for creativity.

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