12% discount: SUP intro course with Surf Agency

A SUP intro course with Surf Agency is an unforgettable way to get to know Stand Up Paddle. On the course you will be greeted by enthusiastic instructors and a friendly atmosphere that radiates with aloha, excitement and adventure. The course starts with an introduction to the SUP equipment and the basic techniques. You will learn to handle the paddle correctly and find the right balance on the board. The experienced instructors will give you individual guidance to ensure you feel safe and ready to take on the challenge. When you are comfortable with the equipment, we will take you out on the water, where you will experience the joy of gliding across the water on your SUP board. You will learn basic paddle tag and techniques that will help you move efficiently and controlled through the water. But the SUP intro course is not just about technique. It is also an opportunity to connect with nature and feel the calming effect of the water under your feet. You will be surrounded by the fantastic natural surroundings of the Aarhus bay.

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