12% discount: Kreahygge at UNKENT

At UKÄNT in Horsens, all creative souls – young and old – are invited to an imaginative experience. When you show up at UNKÄNT, you must choose your own box. However, this is no ordinary box. The fund helps to decide which creative project you will go to war with this afternoon. Whether you like pearls, candles, being creative with cut stickers or something completely different, you can choose from a bit of everything at UNKÄNT. Each person gets their very own creative box to immerse themselves in. UNKNENT in Horsens is the favorite place among groups of friends who catch up on a creative project, families who gather around presence, immersion and family time, and in general everyone who loves to immerse themselves in creative projects in cozy surroundings. Experience for yourself the coziness and creativity of UNKÄNT on this experience.

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