Overnight at Læsø 2024

If you are going on a trip to Læsø and experience the exciting sights, then it makes things a little more convenient if you have a place to stay overnight. Læsø offers everything from campsites to luxury hotels - so it should probably be possible to find a place to stay overnight, which falls into good soil for most people.

We have compiled a guide to the accommodation options, which both provide an insight into the scenic idyll that is characteristic of Læsø, as well as form a pleasant setting for a night's sleep and provide an opportunity for relaxation.

Accommodation in nature 

Læsø Camping & HytteBy

Stay at Læsø Camping Vest in Vesterø or Læsø Camping Øst in Østerby, and relax from everyday stress and hustle in the middle of the beautiful nature on Læsø. The campsite is for both big and small, and therefore enjoy a wonderful holiday together as a family. 

Read more about the campsite, the facilities and upcoming activities below. 

© Læsø Camping & Hytteby

Summer houses in Læsø's unique surroundings

Rent a summer house on Læsø

Læsø's unique nature and coastline create the perfect setting for holiday home areas that offer something for every taste: Accommodation by the sea, in the lush island nature or near the island's cozy towns.

Explore the perfect holiday home for your stay on this charming island by using the buttons here:

Tranquility and presence

Lærkely Hotel and Restaurant

Lærkely Hotel and Restaurant is located in the middle of the island in a nice forest area and close to the beach. The owners focus on tranquility and presence and the hotel therefore has a rural, rustic, charming and romantic atmosphere. 

The hotel has 12 double rooms and a cozy restaurant. The rooms all have shower and toilet as well as TV. In the kitchen, good ingredients from Læsø are used and the menu changes according to the season, so here you can enjoy your breakfast or dinner.

You can of course also enjoy the lovely large garden which belongs to Lærkely, where various cozy nooks have been made around.

© Lærkely Hotel and Restaurant

© Østerby Kro og Hotel

Bed & Breakfast

Østergård Kultur B&B

Østergaard Kultur Bed & Breakfast offers a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful surroundings with high-quality homes - all with cultural angles and experiences throughout the year. Yders popular.

The old grocery store

Hotel Nygaard

Hotel Nygaard is located in beautiful green surroundings in the middle of Læsø just on the outskirts of Byrum. Here you can hardly avoid getting completely down in gear, as you will live in idyll right near the forest and beach. 

The hotel is an old grocery store and is decorated like a modern hotel, but still in its beautiful old clothes. The hotel is divided into two buildings, where the main house houses the reception, fireplace room, restaurant and banquet hall. The second building contains 18 hotel apartments, all of which have their own shower and toilet as well as a small kitchenette. 

The restaurant's cuisine uses fresh ingredients from Læsø and the sea around, and the gastronomy is inspired by the traditional Nordic. 

© Hotel Nygaard

© Østerby Kro og Hotel

Beach hotel atmosphere

Østerby Kro og Hotel

Østerby Kro og Hotel is located right by Østerby Harbor. Here you can therefore live right by both the harbor and the beach. If you are into the real beach hotel atmosphere, then Østerby Kro og Hotel is a good offer, as the owners have had the calm and cozy beach hotel style in focus.

The hotel has 6 rooms, all of which feature the charming seaside hotel style. You can also get something nice to eat in the restaurant, which serves traditional Danish food, or have a game of billiards and get something to drink in the adjoining inn.

Spa hotel with high level gastronomy


The Strandgaarden Badehotel on Læsø is an idyllic bathing hotel that dates back to 1727. The hotel has since 1926 functioned as a bathing pension, where an overnight stay and a bite of bread then cost a measly DKK 5. Today, the place offers luxury and high-level gastronomy in the beautiful historical surroundings.

© Strandgaarden Badehotel

Læsø's new beach hotel

Havnebakken Kur & Badehotel

Hotel Havnebakken is located less than 50 meters from the Kattegat, in beautiful surroundings, right next to Vesterø's charming harbor front and with perhaps the island's most beautiful view.

A few minutes' walk from the hotel you have the finest bathing beach, bathing bridge and not least Læsø Kur. In other words, the perfect place to stay for a beach holiday!

The hotel has 15 bright and cozy rooms with private bath and toilet, including 4 disabled-friendly rooms on the ground floor.

Hotel in the center of Vesterø

Carlsens Hotel

As soon as you get off the ferry at Vesterø's ferry terminal, you can see the beautiful Carlsens Hotel. Here at the hotel, it is a conscious choice that everything does not necessarily have to be neat, so you will experience the history of the hotel with sloping doors and sloping floors and a relaxed atmosphere. The inn at the hotel, for example, has not been restored in 50 years and therefore stands as in the old days.

The hotel comprises 8 rooms, most of which overlook the beautiful Kattegat.

The menu in the hotel's restaurant is inspired by the Danish cuisine with open sandwiches and shooting stars, and here there is a special focus on local ingredients from the island.

© Carlsens Hotel

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