Ydby Hede

A short hike among the country's largest density of burial mounds from the Bronze Age

The route is towards Skibsted Fjord in southern Thy. The hiking route is 3.5 kilometers long, and is described as a half-day trip. The route takes you through Denmark's largest collection of burial mounds from the Bronze Age, which consists of as many as 50 burial mounds. In the parking lot at Oldtidshøjene, there are information boards, which give you an insight into the history of the area and an overview of nature on the route.

From the burial mounds you come down through a wide valley to Skibsted Fjord. In this valley there is vegetation with heather, reefs and cranberries. The route follows the banks of Skibsted Fjord to the east to a footbridge, which takes you over Boddum Bæk. A path through the deciduous forest guides you to Kløvenhøj.


  • The hiking route has as many as 50 burial mounds from the Bronze Age.
  • View to Doverkil from Kløvenhøj. Doverkil is closed to the public as rare plants grow in the area.
  • The outlet from Boddum Bæk in Skibsted Fjord.
  • A rocky beach with a large population of common beach snails. The coast is only bare at low tide.

Frequently asked questions

There is the possibility of parking in the parking lot at Oldtidshøjene

The hiking route is a total of 3.5 kilometers long, and is therefore described as a half-day trip

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