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Go to the old Water Tower in Tønder and visit the Hans J. Wegner Museum. The old water tower stood empty for almost 15 years and there was talk of a demolition, but since it is the city's 40 meter high landmark, they were sad to have to demolish it. Various possibilities were discussed and it was then that two museum directors came up with the idea of transforming the old water tower into an exhibition space for Hans J. Wenger's furniture.

And that was the perfect idea, because not only was Hans J. Wegner born in Tønder, he was also a trained carpenter in the city. Wegner was not against the idea and told at the time that as a boy he always dreamed of getting up in the water tower when he passed by about boy. It must be said that what he got ample opportunity for now that his furniture was to be exhibited up in the tower.

The Wegner Museum opened its doors in August 1995, and was supported by the AP Møller Foundation with DKK 11. Today it has become part of the Art Museum in Tønder and Cultural History Tønder, which has both departments of Museum Sønderjylland. Wegner and his wife donated a collection of Wegner's best chairs to the mouse and you can still see them, benefiting from the different floors of the tower.

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Barrels 6270 DK
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