Denmark's first UNESCO Global Geopark

Vejrhøj is located in Odsherred and is one of Zealand's most impressive burial mounds. Its peak lifts you 121 meters above sea level and is Zealand's third highest point (the highest is Gyldenlove's High with 125.5 meters). If you climb the historic burial mound, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Sejerob bay, the Lammefjord and the entire Odsherred.

Vejrhøj is the highest point of the hill, Vejrhøjbuen, which in turn forms one of three ‘bows’ on Odsherred. The three bows are lateral moraines and their landscape was created when the ice pushed the subsoil in front of it during the last ice age. They are one of Europe’s most obvious examples of this type of ice-age landscape. The burial mound itself dates to the Bronze Age and still hides its secrets, as neither archaeologists nor grave robbers have ever dug into it. The distinctive landscape and Vejrhøj’s cultural-historical significance are the reasons why the location has been named Denmark’s first UNESCO Global Geopark.

In the area around Vejrhøj you will find several marked hiking routes and parking options. The largest parking area is located at Vraget, from where you can follow a steep path up to Vejrhøj.

Hiking route and map

Get the best experience out of Vejrhøj and go Route 137, also called 360 degree view.

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FAQ about Vejrhøj

There is a possibility of parking by the wreck, from which there is a path up to the mound.

Vejrhøj is 121 meters above sea level.

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