Tranekær Castle Park

Art and nature in beautiful union

Do you like the combination of art and nature? Then Tranekær Slotspark is definitely for you. The artist group Tickon has exhibitions from a large number of international artists on the entire 2 km long trip around Borgsø in Tranekær Castle Park. All the works are so-called land art, which means that the works are built on site in beautiful union with nature, exclusively using materials such as earth, wood and stone. The works, which in the strangest way blend in with nature, are also engulfed by nature again - it is quite a few of the works that are maintained, the rest are allowed to follow nature's course.

The most visited work in the park is "Between blood beech and oak" by the artist Alfio Bonanno, who has Italian roots. The work depicts a sumptuous cornucopia of large stones, which leans over the landscape.

As you move through the park, it is also worth noting all the trees worth seeing. The park houses, among other things, one of Denmark's most beautiful wing walnut trees. You can visit the park and go the lovely 2 km long walk every day of the week from sunrise to sunset.


  • Spread over an area of 60 acres of land you will find several beautiful works of art. Among other things, the work "Organic Highway" by Mikael Hansen. Find any picture
  • On your visit to the park, you can lay the route past the park's largest oak, which you will find in the northernmost corner of Borgsø. At the foot of the tree is a small sign with the poem "The Tree's Prayer".
  • In Tranekær Castle Park, you can visit a manor house, which is designed as a café and restaurant, so you can satisfy both thirst and hunger on your trip.

Frequently asked questions

It costs DKK 25 for adults to visit the park, but it is free for children under 18

At the entrance to the park, you can receive a leaflet which contains a map of the location of the many works of art.

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