Tisvilde Hegn

Hike in an adventurous troll forest

You should set aside a full day for this 7 km hike, as it is categorized as a full day hike. The tour starts at Asserbo Castle Ruins, and takes you to Torup Village, which in the old days housed 18 farms. From here, the route takes you to Troldeskoven, which is a very special experience. A serious sandstorm in the 16th century made it almost impossible for anything to grow in the area by Troldeskoven. However, it gradually became possible to plant trees, but due to the wind and sand, the trees have formed special curves, which means that today they are most of all reminiscent of something from a fairytale forest - therefore the forest has also just been named Troldeskoven.  

If you would like to go on a slightly longer trip, you can choose to turn towards Tibirke Church instead of walking towards Troldeskoven. This route is 12 km long, and takes you on a tour around the once sanded church. If they choose this route, you will also pass Frederikshøj, which has been named after Frederik VII.


  • In the 16th century, the ruins of Asserbo Castle fell victim to the same sand escape that hit the surrounding forest. Therefore, it was abandoned, and today it and the surrounding moats are exposed. The ruin is definitely worth a visit.
  • On this hike you will pass Harehøjene, where you have a view of both forest, beach and sea.
  • The troll forest, which you can choose to walk through, houses 100-200 year old forest pine. The trees are very characteristic with their many curvatures.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, at the nature camp site in Tisvilde Hegn you will find shelters, a campfire site and a view of a beautiful pond.

It is possible to park at Asserbo Castle Ruin, where the route starts.

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