Thurø Rev

Short hike in breathtaking scenery

The beaches, coasts and sea areas at Thurø Reef together make up the breathtaking nature that you can experience on this particular hike.

The 3.5 km route starts at a sign on Flagebakken on eastern Thurø, from where you are shown down Smørmosevej in the direction of Thurø Rev. If you turn right at Østerskovvej, you enter a parking lot in the forest, from where an 800 meter long marked path leads you through the forest and out to Thurø Rev.

At the far end of the Thurø reef you will find a small crooked head, which changes expression from day to day with the help of the wind and the waves. Between Krumodden and the forest, Thurø Rev offers a wealth of beach meadows with lakes, run-off canals and areas with all sorts of different plants.

If you choose to go hiking at Thurø Rev in the early spring, the experience can show sif to be extra special. In the spring, the waders mark themselves opposite each other, and this can be experienced by games and birdsong. 


  • When you get out on the bend at the far end of Thurø Rev, you can enjoy the view, where you can see all the way to Langeland and Tåsinge.
  • At the forest edge and beyond the beach meadow, there is a rampart, which has grown with old hawthorns. According to local wandering history, it is said that Christian IV's mother-in-law planted the thorns.
  • At the edge of the forest towards Thurø Østerskov there is a tree that attracts a lot of attention - A 6 meter high hub. The fairytale tree looks like a small miniature version of an old oak.

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