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Thorséng Nature Resort is a unique place located in scenic surroundings in the South Funen Archipelago. Here you can experience 'glamping' (a contraction of 'glamorous camping' or luxury camping) in beautiful combination with spa and wellness.

Thorséng started in 2020, and in May 2021 we stopped by to try out the place, which has quickly become popular and mentioned in a number of media.

This is the story of a beautiful place, a collection of really exciting people and an all-inclusive offer that is much more than you expect. Read below why an overnight stay in a glamping tent can easily be the price of over 2,700 per. person worth.

Oda, our red people carrier, in beautiful contrast to the nature at the nature resort

Arrival and check-in

When we first arrive at the reception, we are taken on a tour of the place by the owner, Rasmus, who was born and raised in the resort's premises, and he tells empathetically about the place's history, its development and the big plans for the future.

The tour is very telling for the stay that is still waiting for us, for all the people we get to meet on site are good at meeting the guest and having a chat. Very relevant.

Subsequently, we are accommodated in our tents, join a flight over the South Funen Archipelago (but not included in the price) and get some really delicious meals.

Let's start with the tents.

The tents

Thorseng nature resort

There is nothing to say that Glamping is hot these years. It's just super cozy to get closer to nature without going down on comfort!

At Thorséng you stay in Stargazer tents with some really nice beds and modern necessities such as heated tents, heating in the mattress and a minibar with delicious refreshments. The details have been taken care of, here it is delicious and clean.

… And then it's relatively fat when you return to the fire and coziness later in the evening before crawling to the bunk…

Thorseng nature resort glamping tent

The food

You eat well at Thorséng. The meals are coordinated with the rest of the experience that you and your body must feel delicious here. Therefore, the diet is anti-inflammatory and gluten-free. On arrival we got e.g. this delicious bowl:

Grated beetroot with various beans, nuts, apples, tomatoes and a top-notch dressing. It drew well for the rest of the stay!

For the afternoon coffee, we got a delicious cup of espresso (which you can make all of them yourself, you want!) Along with a delicious piece of gluten-free cake. 

In the evening, a delicious two-course menu was served on the lovely terrace. We got alcohol-free natural wine for a really delicious hokkaido soup topped with mushrooms, roasted pumpkin seeds and a homemade herb pesto.

thorseng nature resort

Next we got a coleslaw with roasted vegetables and a vegan portion.

When appreciating alcohol for food, just swallow it that there is no alcohol for the food. The natural wine tasted great, but the non-alcoholic version could not completely replace the "alcoholic" counterpart. However, it all fits very well with the concept of giving you peace of mind and doing something good for your body. So that way, it was very fat to feel what a healthy diet and zero alcohol in a short time can do for the body.

While our diet was meat-free and the drinks alcohol-free, we can understand that at Thorséng there will be alternatives where you can also get fish, meat and drinks with alcohol. We're looking forward to it!

For breakfast we again got some delicious things in the form of a quinoa bowl topped with delicious fruits:

Thorseng nature resort

The meeting with a unique collection of people

staff at thorseng

One of the things that is worth highlighting about Thorséng is that you will meet a lot of exciting people who are affiliated with the resort and who have some really exciting stories with them.

From the left you see Linette, who since she was 3 years old has danced ballet and who has performed with Whitney Houston, U2, Robbie Williams and others. She has also been a well-known DJ in Milan, but now Linette is responsible for part of the physical training at the resort.

Then there is your host and owner, Rasmus, who has traveled around with Cirque du Soleil, DGI's World Team and all Danish national teams in gymnastics, before he went home to Tåsing and (among other things) started Thorseng Nature Resort.

In the middle you see chef Benny, who has worked at several Michelin restaurants in Brussels, London, etc. After this, he became known on TV in TV3's Oslobåden, and now you can experience Benny and his food at the resort. The diet is anti-inflammatory, but all of that Benny will probably tell you a lot more about.

Fourth person from the left is Stig Pryds. Stig was diagnosed years ago with a painful psoriatic arthritis. He found a soothing way through hot water and breathing training, and to this day he is a well-known freediver and holds several records in this discipline. Now he is in charge of breathing training at Thorseng, which 

Fifth and last, there is Martha helping Benny in the kitchen so the food is well cooked and looks like a million.

Much more than an overnight stay

After trying a stay at Thorséng Nature Resort and experiencing what you get for your money here, it is important to include what is included in the price when comparing with other places.

In the all-inclusive price you get:

  • Accommodation in a luxury glamping tent
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Free coffee and water
  • Afternoon activity (eg one hour of flow therapy)
  • Morning activity (eg breathing training)
Clearly, this stay is not for everyone. The price itself (2,745 per person when we left) can be more than many are willing to pay for a stay. However, it is our experience that the content is so abundantly worth the price - and this is due in particular to the people you meet in this place and the activities that are carried out.

You can also get pampering with spa, delicious food and wonderful accommodation elsewhere, but these are the few places where your stay reaches into yourself. It may sound silly, but when you lie there in the water for flow therapy or breathing exercises, you not only experience something completely new, you also feel your body in a different way.

It was just exactly the experience of taking from Thorséng Nature Resort with the feeling of having received more than accommodation, meals and wellness that we think Thorséng is worth all the money.

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