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Denmark's Best Sushi 2020
Sushi Mania is a nationwide sushi chain that started in Aalborgs Reberbahnsgade back in 2009. The place came on our map of Denmark's best experiences, when it got a first place in our vote on Denmark's Best Sushi 2020. After the vote, we took a walk in Reberbahnsgade to present a diploma and find out what has made so many people vote for sushi from the place.

Popular pick n 'mix

We land in Reberbahnsgade, which is a bit reminiscent of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Here is a buzzing street life and in terms of food we find ourselves in a cultural melting pot, where SushiMania is just one of the offerings next to restaurants with pizza, kebabs, Mexican and much, much more.

Outside SushiMania, we are greeted by Nathalie, who receives the diploma for Denmark's Best Sushi.

sushi mania aalborg receives diploma for denmark's best title

Of course, we ask how it can be that SushiMania can get so many people to vote for them. To this Nathalie answers:

When you make sushi, you make it in rolls of 8 pieces. Previously, you were usually 8 pcs. of one kind, and when a person can typically only eat 14-18 pieces, then it is a lot to have to eat 8 of one kind. At the same time, it takes a long time to make, so the wait can be long.

With SushiMania, we make sushi as a pick n 'mix, which means that you can just buy two pieces of one kind. At the same time, we are constantly making new, fresh rolls and therefore there is no waiting time. The short waiting time and the many opportunities to mix sushi are incredibly popular, and are a fundamental path to our success.“.

The chain has at least had success.

Since 2009, when the chain opened its first store in Reberbahnsgade, 26 other SushiMania restaurants have been added.

Therefore, in all likelihood, you can also find a SushiMania restaurant near you.

See the list of SushiMania's restaurants across the country

When we are over, of course, we also have to test the concept, and we mix a take-away box that looks like this:

We get 16 varied pieces as lunch takw-away, and we are crammed full after a delicious round of sushi.

Requirements for quality, sustainability and ecology

At SushiMania, they care a lot about serving quality goods.

Therefore, the fish is also sourced fresh from Hirtshals, where it is simultaneously marked with various certifications for sustainability, so as to ensure that the quality of the fish is of the highest standard.

At the same time, all rice is organic.

All in all, we have to say that it's cool when such a large chain still goes up in quality assurance and sustainability. And it certainly does not matter that you quickly get your sushi handed out and get a lot of different, delicious sushi pieces.

SushiMania can be recommended!

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