Store Gribsø and Fruebjerg

Beautiful hiking route in hilly landscape

The hilly landscape, which consists of forest, bogs and flower meadows, forms the framework for this walking route by Store Gribsø and Fruebjerg. The 9 km long hiking route starts at Store Gribsø, where you are surrounded by forest consisting of beech and birch trees. When you move along the shore of the lake, in several places you can experience a narrow reed swamp with, among other things, reeds and yellow iris, and if you visit the lake in July, yellow flowering water lilies will fill the lake.

On this hiking route there are good opportunities to spot different birds. In the forest that surrounds Store Gribsø, birds such as plaice, ravens and woodpeckers live. In the summer, it is also possible to spot ospreys, which live in the bog 500 meters east of Store Gribsø. However, it is important to be aware that the bog is banned from access from 1 April to 15 August out of respect for the birds.

From the lake, the route takes you further west, where you pass the 5000-year-old and very well-preserved burial chamber called Mor Gribs Hule. Then the marked path goes through the forests at Tokkerup Enghave and the ridge Fruebjerg. With its 65 meters above sea level, Fruebjerg is the steepest hill in Gribskov, and on clear days you can see all the way to Arresø. The hill functioned from 1896 - 1939 as a gathering point for annual constitutional meetings called "Fruebjergmøder".


  • You will find Mother Grib's Cave opposite the car park at Enghavehus. Opposite the southern exit of the car park, a staircase leads up to the cave. According to an old legend, Mother Grib whistled at the passers-by, causing them to get lost and later be killed by Mother Grib's sons.
  • The beautiful view from Fruebjerg's 65 meter high hill.
  • At the foot of Fruebjerg you will find the ramparts from Frederik II's canal, which was dug from Store Gribsø to Frederiksborg Slotssø in the 1570s.
  • If you want to observe osprey in the bog east of Store Gribsø, you can visit a lookout point, which is located north of the bog.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, dogs are welcome as long as they are led on a leash.

There is a car park by Enghavehus, from where it is also possible to start the route.

There is a paved route which is suitable for wheelchair users. Be aware, however, that the route still follows the terrain.

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