Skjoldungelandet paths

Walking routes in beautiful nature

Skjoldungestierne is a number of walking routes which run through Gammel Lejre. Here you can experience Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land, which offers fine natural surroundings along Roskilde Fjord and splendid cultural history dating back to the Viking period. Two special places that are certainly worth visiting are Kongehallerne (the Royal Halls) and Skibssætningen (the Ship Setting).

In Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land you can find different landscapes, consisting of meadows, fields, woods, watercourses, bogs and lakes. The path west of Gammel Lejre takes you past the excavated Kongehaller, which were used for celebrations and ceremonies during the Iron Age and Viking period. If you walk down the path east of Gammel Lejre, you pass a 100-metre long ship setting that was used as a burial place in the 900s. The ship settings got their name because the stones surrounding the burial place form a ship shape. Skjoldungerne (the Scyldings) is, according to the sagas, the first Danish royal family, and descendants of the first king at Lejre, King Skjold (Scyld). Skjoldungerne has given their name to Nationalpark Skjoldungernes Land.

Skjoldungestierne consists of two paths. The path between Gevninge and Osted is 10 km long, whilst the route between Roskilde and Hvalsø is 30 km. The paths are formed by the natural surroundings and you may meet naturally-created obstacles along the way. It’s, therefore, best to travel on foot. There are parking areas and toilets along the routes.

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