Beautiful hiking route with views of the Klint and the Baltic Sea

At Langeland's westernmost tip is the peninsula Ristinge. The 6 km long hike, which starts at Ristinge beach, offers a breathtaking view of the cliff created by glaciers during the last ice age for approx. 19,000 years ago.

When you follow the path along the edge of the cliff, a path will lead you up to the highest point of the cliff, where Ristingedyssen stands. The dolmen is a distinctive landmark for Ristinge and consists of a free-standing dolmen chamber set of four large supporting stones and a domed deck.

After a visit to Ristingedyssen, follow the path back to the cliff edge, where the path will lead further out towards Ristinge Hale, which offers exciting bird life and beautiful beach lakes.


  • Experience grassland with a diverse plant and insect life.
  • Ristinge Hale, which is new land, created from sand, clay and stone from Ristinge cliff. The tail grows as more and more falls down, and is led to the tail by means of the waves and the current in the water.
  • The burial chamber at Ristingedyssen, which has an unusually large burial chamber.
  • A little off Ristinge Hale you will find Storeholm, which houses a game reserve. Storeholm functions as a breeding site for coastal birds, and therefore there is a ban on access during the breeding season from 1/3 - 15/7.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you are welcome to do so, but it must be carried on a leash.

You can park at Ristinge Strand.

Ristinge cliff is in some places up to 30 meters, and extends over a full 2 km.

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