Routes in Bornholm's most beautiful scenery

Paradise Hills is one of the most beautiful areas on Bornholm. Here you can visit the Rockstone, walk one of the marked routes (3, 5 and 6.5 km) and ride MTB.

Hiking in Paradise Hills

The three marked hiking routes in the Paradise Hills all start from Klintebygård, which is on the south side of the hills.

Red route: 3 km (about 1 hour)

Blue route: 5 km (about 2 hours)

Green route: 6.5 km (about 3.5 hours)

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Experiences along the way

On all routes you can experience:

Rokkestenen - a stone of 35 tons that you can rock!

Fjeldstauan - Denmark's first youth hostel from 1919. Today, however, it is a privately owned cottage.

Grydesø - a very beautiful forest lake

Only on blue route:

Slingesten - a walking block, which according to the legend was thrown by a troll on Christiansø towards Bodils Church with a silver cord (which gave the mark in the stone)

Gamleborg and Borgesø - refuge during the Iron Age, where the almost dried-up lake served as a moat

On blue and yellow:

Midterpilt - Highest point in Paradise Hills, 113 meters above sea level

Yellow route only:

Troldstauarna - Exciting rock wall with fallen blocks

Majdal - the widest valley of the hills

Frequently asked questions

No. Paradise Hills is a very hilly terrain that is difficult to reach for wheelchairs, strollers and prams etc.

It is advisable to park at Klintebygård (Lisegårdsvejen 2), where there is parking space, toilets and access to all three marked routes.

There is also parking at Gamleborg, from where you can walk the blue route, while you can park on Oksemyrevej 1 and walk the yellow route.

There are public toilets in the parking spaces at Klintebygård and Oksemyrevej.

Center arrow on blue square. Here you are 113 meters above sea level.

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1 review

  1. Pure adventure landscape.

    As a child in a concrete suburb of Copenhagen, coming to Bornholm and in particular the Paradise Hills, like stepping into the variegated landscapes of the old sagas and fairy tales, was a feeling I had not experienced at the same rock-solid meeting elsewhere in the country.
    Love it as much today as then.

    One has to take it with hilly terrain and poor conditions for wheelchairs, etc. quite seriously.

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