Panoramic route at Hobro

A premium hiking route at Mariager Fjord and Bramslev Bakker

The panoramic route at Mariager Fjord is one of Denmark's most beautiful hiking routes, and you can walk the 10 km long and family-friendly tour through the landscape at Mariager Fjord. On the tour, you will experience a landscape that varies between flatter areas with farming and grazing animals and hilly terrain with steep slopes and viewpoints.

There are great experiences to be gained in the protected landscapes, where you can find countless traces of the past with burial mounds, settlements, stone chests, trackways and marble graves. After the last ice age, precipitation and meltwater created strong erosion along the coast, forming the characteristic hills around the rivers. The dry meadows and the wet meadows are cared for by grazing animals, horses and sheep that you have the opportunity to meet on the trip. The Panorama Route is the first hiking route in Denmark, certified by Europe's leading hiking specialists at the Deutsches Wanderinstitut.

You can start the hike at Hobro Marina, follow it to Bramslev Bakker and on to the starting point in Hobro. The route can be cleared by most, and there are benches along the way where views over land and fjord can be enjoyed. The walk itself takes about three hours and along the route are restaurants, a kiosk, a campsite, a manor pension and a golf course. The route is marked with white arrows, where you walk on dirt roads and grass tracks inside the fences with the animals. In the summer, you can halve the trip by sailing one way with the boat Swan Swan. There are parking lots, toilets and packed lunch places at Hobro Marina and Bramslev Bakker.

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Frequently asked questions

There is parking at the Marina in Hobro at the address Nedre Strandvej 71, 9500 Hobro.

Catering is available directly on the route in the form of Restaurant Bramslev Bakker and Restaurant in Hobro Golf Club.

2 reviews

  1. A fantastic walk

    It is a beautiful walking route that winds along the fjord from Hobro marina to Bramslev hills. One can walk along the water and walk up into the dunes.

  2. Beautiful and varied nature with great views in several places.

    All through a fantastic tour with varied scenery and hilly terrain. In many places great views can be enjoyed. We walked the route in the late spring and the green hills, the sheep scream and the rushing water drew the thoughts of former hikes in Norway and New Zealand. There are several places where you can throw yourself in the grass and enjoy your food or just relax. If the weather is over it ends with a trip in the fjord.

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