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Among the best spa places in Denmark

Sometimes you just need to completely disconnect from everyday life. It can with advantage do with a spa stay at Læsø Kur, where there is the opportunity for pampering in beautiful surroundings.

Here in the article you can read about, among other things:

  • facilities - much more than just a spa
  • Treatments - delicious massages, body scrubs, etc.
  • Super offer Advantageous all-day offer
  • Salt cure product line - bring Læsø Kur home!
  • Practical information - prices, opening hours etc.

In the middle of Vesterø on Læsø was once an old harbor church.

The church has now been rebuilt and houses state-of-the-art facilities that merge new and old architecture, and are in perfect harmony with the beautiful nature on Læsø's west coast.

In the church you will find Læsø Kur, which was opened in 2008 by Poul Christensen. He is the man behind Læsø Saltsyderi, which over the years has become a bit of a tourist attraction. 

The spa has been popular in connection with our vote on Denmark's Best Spa and Wellness. Here, the place got an advantageous place in the top-10 across the country. 

If it arouses your curiosity, read on here.

the church tower from the front


Læsø Kur has many exciting offers in connection with getting the body down in gear and giving the mind a little peace and quiet in contrast to the busy everyday life that many of us have. 

Here you have an overview of facilities:

  • Indoor and outdoor spa
  • 3 different salt baths
  • Massaging waterfalls 
  • Steam baths
  • Saunas (with cold water showers)

So there are many options, and you should probably find something that works for just you. You can read much more about the different facilities by pressing the button below.



In addition to just facilities, you can also get treatments that can really be helpful for the health of the body and the well-being of the soul. Complete relaxation and renewed energy are promised.

Some suggestions for treatments are as follows:

  • Facial treatment
  • Massage
  • Body scrub (salt or amber)
  • Clay wrapping
  • Aroma Wellness
All treatments are based on nature's own raw materials, where things like salt, amber, algae and clay come into play. You can read much more about treatments by pressing the button below.
relaxation with wine

Popular Super Offer

Læsø Kur has an offer that is particularly popular.

You get a full-day experience with all this paid for:

  • Ferry crossing from Frederikshavn
  • Morning complete on the ferry
  • Access to all spa facilities
  • Meal consisting of delicious sandwiches
  • Coffee and cake on the ferry to Frederikshavn
You can see prices and read more about the offer as well as book by clicking below.

Salt cure - bring Læsø Kur home

Læsø Kur has their own Danish-produced skin care series, which allows you to experience the wonderful wellness experience at home by yourself. The series is based on Læsø salt, salt residue brine and willow extract, and has been developed on the basis of results from salt baths at the health resort.

The products are made in a sustainable way, with respect for nature, as well as without dyes, perfumes and parabens. The series can be used by everyone but is especially suitable for:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Sensitive skin
If you are interested in trying these products, you can use the button below.
Læsø beach

Opening hours

The health resort is open all days of the week in the period 10:00 – 16:30

Please note that the entrance times for the spa are as follows:

  • kl: 10:00 - 13:00
  • kl: 13:30 - 16:30
In addition, it is necessary that you reserve your entrance before the day in question, where you intend to pay a visit. You do this at info@saltkur.dk or at 98 49 13 22.


It is not possible to stay overnight at Læsø kur, but you can advantageously choose one of the many fine accommodation options on the island if you want to experience the spa over several days, or just want accommodation before you hop on the ferry to Frederikshavn. 

Read more about accommodation options by following the button.

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  1. Good experience

    Lovely experience. Very friendly and welcoming staff, time flies, pleasant and calm atmosphere

  2. Highly recommended

    The best place to find peace and well-being ❤️

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