Kalø Castle ruin

Historic ruin in beautiful coastal landscape

At the foot of Mols Bjerge National Park, Kalø Slotsruin (Kalø Castle) is located on a bank in the cove, Kalø Vig. If you follow the old stone-paved path out onto the peninsula, it’s like travelling back 700 years. Shut your eyes and imagine how the castle once defended itself against rebels and foreign powers, or take the newly-established steps up the tower, where you can experience the landscape from up high.

Kalø Slotsruin is located on a natural mound surrounded by an attractive costal landscape, offering fine views out over the sea. The ruin is one of Denmark’s best-preserved medieval castles that King Eric VI had built in 1313. The only way to the ruin is via the 500meter long causeway. This is Denmark’s best-preserved and longest medieval road. In the castle’s heyday, the uneven route was part of the castle’s defensive strategy, which also consisted of three defensive chains to keep intruders out. Inside the tower, you can see the remains of the castle’s dungeon. The large holes at the bottom of the wall were probably made by the castle’s prisoners, as they attempted to escape.

The ruined castle is best experienced on foot, but you can also cycle along the area’s paths and woodland tracks. There are parking places near the path that leads to the castle, or you can use the car park at Kalø Slotskro.

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FAQ about Kalø Castle ruins

Yes, there is a parking lot at Kalø Slotskro. It is located a few hundred meters from the castle ruins themselves.

The royal castle Kalø Castle was built by King Erik Menved around the year 1313.

No, unfortunately it is not there.

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