Denmark's Best Icehouse 2020

The ice cream parlor in Sønderborg is an extremely popular ice house in southern Jutland, which came on our map of Denmark's best experiences when they won our vote on Denmark's Best Icehouse 2020.

On July 16, 2020, we stopped by to hand over the diploma - and to find out how an ice house that opened in 2019 can take a city by storm and secure over 3,500 votes. This video comes out of it:

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Homemade ice cream - fresh every day

One of the secrets behind the success of Iskonditoriet is the homemade gelato, which is made fresh on site.

Every morning at 6 starts the production of today's varieties that change with the season. To this can be added a good portion of creativity, which means that varieties such as white russian, strawberry cold bowl, mango sea buckthorn and the incredibly popular rum ball ice cream find their way to the counter with room for 32 (!) Different kinds of ice cream. All homemade!

In addition, the production includes a seasoned ice cream maker from the local area and a former Michelin chef. Not a bad team for the composition of creative, homemade ice cream varieties!

Half balls and super service

During our visit, we get a chat with the owners of Iskonditoriet, Christian and Anette Telling, and get to ask them what it is that makes so many people vote for them. They explain that there is a great focus on the experience from start to finish.

In addition to having the highest possible quality in the ice cream, it is important that people are greeted with a smile, no matter how big the queue is. Therefore, there is a strong focus on creating a good workplace for the young employees so that they can provide the best service for the many guests.

As something unique, they have also chosen to offer "half balls", so you e.g. can taste as many as 4 different kinds of ice cream when you buy an ice cream with two balls. It is service at the highest level!

happy employee serves ice cream with 8 half balls
A happy employee serves us an ice cream with 4 balls in half, so we can taste as many as 8 varieties! 😝

Focus on the holistic experience

That the whole experience is well thought out down to the smallest details is expressed during our visit by the many guests who just have to stick their heads out on the toilet - even if they do not have to use it.

Of course, we also just have to see what the traffic is due to, and we must true that the whole experience is really thought of from start to finish, when even the toilet looks like something from a finer restaurant:

It's really good style!

A unique location

There are many things that make an ice house a well-visited place. Sometimes it's the ice cream itself, sometimes it's a special guf or a homemade waffle, but many times it's just the location of the place too.

During our visit we can see that Iskonditoriet has it all. The ice cream is homemade and of the highest quality, service and locals are top notch, but in addition, the place also has an absolutely fantastic location!

The ice house is located right on the waterfront in very beautiful Sønderborg. Here you have - in addition to a glorious view of the cozy harbor environment - also look at historical gems such as Sønderborg Castle and Dybbøl Mill.

There is thus both the opportunity to take a seat in Iskonditoriet's cozy rooms, but you can also take the ice with you on a trip down the harbor promenade to the castle

ice cream with sønderborg castle in the background
In an attempt to create an Instagram moment, the ice begins to run from the photographer 😄

The famous ice cream cakes

No patisserie without cake, and thus no ice cream parlor without an ice cream cake.

One of the things that quickly attracted attention in Sønderborg, when Iskonditoriet opened in August 2019, were the very nice ice cream cakes.

The cool cakes quickly became a hit in the café as well as the takeaway for festive occasions.

We would have loved to have tried these ice cream cakes, but since we are over in connection with the award ceremony, there are no layer cakes. They have simply been torn away since Iskonditoriet came to the fore in the vote for Denmark's best ice house.

Instead, we have borrowed a picture so you can still see what they look like: 

… And then it also just gives us an excuse to soon look past the country's best ice house 2020 again… 😜

christian and anette count receive the award as denmark's best ice house 2020
Christian and Anette Telling, owners of Iskonditoriet, receive the award for Denmark's Best Ice House 2020

8 reviews

  1. Nice break from the trot

    Fantastic place, good coffee and wonderful ice cream in a cozy atmosphere and a super sweet hostess. Can definitely be recommended

  2. Fantastic experience

    Denmark's best ice cream in 2020…… fully deserved keep it up it was delicious.
    On top of that, super service is provided and super smart with "half scoops" so you can taste several kinds even if you can't eat a huge ice cream
    We will definitely come again

  3. Top 10

    Denmark's best ice cream that I have tasted.

  4. Everything homemade

    Everything homemade from scratch, you can taste it.
    Super smiling service
    And it's great that you can get half balls, then the taste testing really starts

    Really good summer ☀️

  5. The best ice cream!

    the best ice cream – and nice people!

  6. It's a new – wonderful taste experience – every time.
    Delicious with cherry, orange, chocolate, ……. and all the others

  7. The best ice house in Denmark

    A great place. Always a smiling and happy staff.
    Their ice cream is super delicious tastes great, everything is made with a loving hand.
    All ice cream is homemade with the best ingredients.
    You can get soaked ice cream for those who do not tolerate lactose and they also have gluten-free waffles which are just so delicious.
    Still have some ice cream left from New Year in the freezer, it is as fresh and delicious as if it was made fresh today… without ice crystals…
    So a worthy place to visit, here you get both experience and nice tasty ice cream for the money.❤

  8. super

    Super good… must be tried

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