Hvidsten Kro

Historical inn from 1634 with legendary omelette
Hvidsten Kro is not just one of the country's oldest inns. It is also a royally privileged country inn, home to a legendary omelette served in a pan and the famous White Stone Group that rebelled against the German occupying forces during World War II. And then the place just oozes charm, idyll and unique history. The inn, which dates from 1634, is on the 4th generation owned by the Fiil family. In particular, it has been Marius and Gudrun Fiil who make Hvidsten Kro what it is today. It was Gudrun who invented the recipe with the pork omelette in the pan and Marius who led the White Stone Group against the Germans. Incidentally, the story of the resistance group has been turned into a feature film (the Hvidsten Group from 2012) which is highly recommended.

Our tips for the place

Hvidsten Kro is not a place you just pass by, unless you live in the area, but if you ask us, the inn is worth a detour. Well enough, it's been a few years since we were last there, but we still remember the extremely tasty omelette. If you are into classic Danish croissants, it is guaranteed to appeal to you. The historic rooms definitely add an extra dimension and it is extremely exciting to take a walk in the dining rooms to look at the many old pictures that stand around. Bonus 1: For the omelette, it is worth drinking one of the three beers that Randers Bryghus brews especially for Hvidsten Kro. Bonus 2: Once the omelette is ingested, you can advantageously beat your stomach with a stroll in the adjacent barn. Here you will find interesting old effects that Marius collected in his time. Many of the items collected have also been used to expand the inn. Bonus 3: It is possible to stay overnight in the inn's guest wing. We have not tried it ourselves - but it is definitely on our to-do list.

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3 reviews

  1. There is no humility about what the place has previously achieved.

    The food is great and exciting premises, historic surroundings. The food unfortunately left something to be desired. The steak as a starter was prepared so long before that the butter on the bread was split.
    The ham schnitzel was minimalistic and lacked edges.

    The egg cake, which Hvidsten kro is famous for in Denmark, was on the day today, definitely not worth the credit. We were badly disappointed by the genderless taste which had never seen either salt, pepper or the chef's love for preparing the food.

    To put on top of an incomplete performance of an omelette, light beige semi-cooked roast pork, does not make the place worthy of glory.

    There is no humility about what the place has previously achieved, both culinary and historical. Free us from cheap 3-course menus, if you just want to cook food that tastes good.

    Remember that the joy of saving money is always shorter than the disappointment of a bad dining experience.
    Written in the inn at Hvidsten kro. unfortunately left something to be desired.

  2. A super good omelette Highly recommended

    A cozy historic inn Famous omelette with pork Lived up to expectations

  3. The best omelette with pork

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