High Rice Mill

A short hike in the middle of the scenic Sønderup Ådal


The focal point of this hiking route is the idyllic Sønderup Å, which meanders elegantly through the landscape. The river is home to countless otters, and in the river itself it is not uncommon to encounter a trout over half a meter. There are also signs that the beaver is moving in by Sønderup Å.

The hiking route is almost four kilometers, which describes it as being a half-day trip. The route starts in the parking lot at Højrisvej, where there are tables and benches for the packed lunches and information boards about the area. Follow the gravel road into the forest and then turn left to follow the path in connection with the river.

On the other side of the river past the hilly landscape there is a primitive campsite with water pump, toilet and a campfire site. It is the ideal place for a rest on the hike. The route finally takes you up to a grassland with a unique view of Sønderup Ådal.


  • The bridge over Sønderup Å, which in the summer forms a framework for the splendor of the magnificent water nymphs between flowers and shrubs by the river.
  • Path in hilly terrain through oak scrub with steep stairs, where ropes act as railings.
  • Hulvejen, which in its time led directly down to Højris Mølle.
  • Fantastic view of Sønderup Ådal.
  • Remains of the old mill wheel from Højris Mill. To this day, the mill house forms a hiding place for the area's grazing sheep.

Frequently asked questions

There is the possibility of parking in the parking lot at Højrisvej

The hiking route can unfortunately not be accessed in a wheelchair, as the path goes through oak scrub in a hilly and physically demanding terrain with steep stairs

For the sake of the area's grazing cattle, it is not recommended to bring a dog

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