His Cave Hand

A Thomas Dambo troll in Odense
Hans Hulehånd is the name of the Thomas Dambo troll who hides in Odense.

The story behind Hans Hulehånd

His Cave Hand came into the world during "The Great Troll Festival", which is the name of the project that arose due to Covid-19. Thomas Dambo should actually have built 25 trolls around the world, but due to the pandemic, Thomas flew to Denmark, where the troll folk party was created with the help of a lot of volunteer labor from locals around Denmark.

See more about the creation in this video from Thomas Dambo:

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Go on a troll hunt

His Cave Hand is just one of many Dambo trolls, and a popular free activity for many families with children is to go troll hunting.

Use our map to start your own troll hunt here:

dambo trolls short

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2 reviews

  1. Fantastic troll hunting trips

    Hello. My name is Janine and I love these big trolls around Denmark. As Grandma and with Grandpa, we often go on troll hunting trips. It is fantastic to be out in nature and enjoy bringing packed lunches / picnic baskets on every single trip. It's always so exciting. So super good of Thomas that he built so many in Denmark. A big thank you to him.

  2. Exciting troll hunting

    One of the best and funniest treasure hunts. Love how well they are made, are especially wild with their fingers and toes.

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