Gurre Lake

Hiking with adventurous atmosphere

The forest, the lake and the birds at Gurre Sø set the scene for an adventurous atmosphere. The route around Gurre Sø is 10 km long, and is therefore described as a half-day trip. 

See the hiking route around Gurre Sø

There are different marked routes around the lake, and if the many routes get confusing, you just have to search down towards the lake again to get on the right track. On part of the route you will be taken through a private forest, and here you must be aware that the trip must be made between 6 in the morning and sunset.

Do you love watching birds? Then Gurre Lake is an obvious excursion destination. The lake houses everything from mallards to herons. If you are lucky, you may also experience sea eagles and hawks by the lake. In the forest that surrounds Gurre Lake, there are also good opportunities to spot different birds. Birds such as ravens, buzzards and woodpeckers breed here.


  • Gurre Castle ruins are located near Gurre Lake. The only thing left from the once fine castle is the Great Tower of 3 meters.
  • At the northern corner of Gurre Lake you can follow a wooden bridge over to Store Ø, where you will find a beautiful natural forest.
  • Experience the peninsula Lille Ø's Krog, where there is a view of the lake and the seagull island, which lies to the east. The Seagull Island is home to a hooded gull colony.
  • On the route you can experience beech trees that are more than 200 years old.

Frequently asked questions

There are several different parking spaces along Gurrevej. You can, for example, park at Gurre castle ruins.

Yes, but remember to carry it on a leash.

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