The prison

Step into a closed world and learn more about life behind bars

The prison in Horsens is not only a historical building, but also a living testimony of Denmark's criminal history. The site has undergone a remarkable transformation from being a functioning prison to now being a cultural center with a wide range of activities and experiences.

The prison is a place where the past meets the present. It is a place where historical tales come alive and where visitors can get an authentic experience of life behind bars, while at the same time taking part in modern cultural and entertaining activities.

Museum and History

The prison houses a fascinating prison museum where visitors can delve into the stories of life behind bars. Here you can experience everything from the prisoners' daily routines to the more dramatic escape attempts. The museum provides a unique insight into how the Danish prison system has developed over time.

But the prison is more than just a museum. It is also a dynamic cultural institution that hosts a number of events such as the Horsens Medieval Festival, the Rockergangen – an exhibition about rocker life behind bars, and the Habengut Market. In addition, Fængslet also offers exciting activities such as Football Golf and Locked Escape Room.

Accommodation and Gastronomy

For those who want to prolong the experience, the prison offers unique accommodation options where you can spend the night behind bars. And after a day full of experiences, you can enjoy a good meal in Spisehuset 8F or in the brasserie.

The prison is also known for hosting a number of major concerts, arts and culture festivals and business conferences. With its unique atmosphere and historical background, the prison offers a unique setting for these events.

Practical information

  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday at 10:00 – 17:00 (weeks 26-35). See the website for additional opening hours during holidays and public holidays.
  • Prices: Adults: DKK 110 (March-October) | DKK 100 (Nov.-Feb.). Children and young people (0-17 years): Free. Annual pass: DKK 295.
  • Annual card Advantages: Free entry for cardholders, discounts for companions and in the store.

For more information and to plan your visit, please visit The prison's official website.

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