Esrum Lake

Hiking route by Denmark's second largest lake

Esrum Lake is many thousands of years old. The lake was formed during the last ice age, when a large block of ice probably dug itself into the terrain, where it slowly melted, thereby forming the lake.

The hike by the large lake, which is Denmark's second largest lake, is 10 km long, and you should therefore set aside half a day for the trip. The marked route takes you both through forest and along the shores of Esrum Lake.

See a map of the hiking route here

When you have passed Esrum monastery with the red monk stones and the white-painted half-timbered house Esrum Møllegaard, the route goes past Daniels Kilde. According to folk history, this sacred spring was supposed to be healing, and it is said that a monk from Esrum monastery once drank from the spring, after which he was healed from all sickness and suffering.

After this, the trip passes an old oak stand from 1820. This oak stand is one of several in Gribskov, which has been planted in honor of the Danish warships. A particularly beautiful oak tree, has been named after a British naval admiral, and has thus been named Lord Nelson's Oak.

In the northern corner of the lake are Sand Port and Blue Gate, which were formerly entrances to royal studs, where the king's horses grazed. During the 19th century, the stud farm was closed and a forest was established on the site instead. The trip then goes along Esrum Øvre Kanal, where you return to the start of the route.


  • At the beginning of the route, you will pass Esrum monastery and Esrum Møllegård, which today is designed as an experience center. The watermill at Esrum Møllegård is only in operation on special occasions.
  • The money stone is located inside the forest, and it was here that the forest workers in ancient times were paid their wages.
  • Esrum Upper Canal once served as a transport route for firewood, which was intended to heat the king's properties located by Esrum Lake.
  • At the southern part of the lake there are two bird watching towers, white you would like to observe the lake's rich bird life.

Frequently asked questions

There is a primitive campsite with a campfire site at Sand Port.

Yes, usually the lake is clean and good to swim in. From the southwest end of the lake you can jump in from a boat bridge. However, you should be aware that Esrum Lake has very steep underwater slopes that are not far from the shore.

There is a parking lot where Esrum Hovedgade adjoins Frederiksværksvej north of Esrum Lake.

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