Beautiful hiking route among heather and juniper bushes

Right in the butter hole between the Kattegat and Odense Fjord you can visit Enebærodde and go on a beautiful 12 km long hike. The trip starts at the headland Drejet, where you are surrounded by salt marshes and waders, which all year round house various waterfowl. As you move away from the seaweed and into Enebærodde, the hike goes through a gate where you meet a herd of peaceful Galloway cattle.

Quite unusual for Funen, the landscape on this hike is dominated by heather and juniper bushes, which makes this hike quite special in the area. On the hike, you must be careful when you move through the landscape - a large population of vipers lives on Enebærodde, but fortunately they are more afraid of you than you are of them. When you pass Enebærodde lighthouse, you can in the heather behind the lighthouse, find ramparts and ramparts all the way back from the English wars in the early 1800s.


  • Experience beach meadows with a rich bird life.
  • On your hike you can experience Enebærodde lighthouse, which was built in 1895.
  • The landscape at Enebærodde is a heath-like landscape, which offers grasslands, heather and, as the name suggests, juniper.

Frequently asked questions

You can park at Hals Huse.

Yes, Enebærodde offers lovely bathing beaches, but note that you must not swim at the tip of the headland, as the current here is very strong and dangerous.

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