Denmark's biggest rock

Damamenenen - also called Dammestenen or Hesselagerstenen - is Denmark's largest. It is located by Hesselager on Funen and is 10 meters high, measures 46 meters in circumference, and then it weighs approx. 1000 tons.

The stone is an impressive sight that is worth a short trip or excursion with a lunch basket, as here is a beautiful view of Langeland and beyond the Great Belt.

That's how the stone came to be

The large rock was originally part of the central southern Swedish bedrock, but was torn loose during the last ice age and brought to Hesselager by the inland ice.  

The legend of the Lady Stone

According to the legend, a giant woman at Langeland became angry that sailors used the Spinning Church's spire as a marker, thereby unique to sink. She therefore threw the large stone in anger at the spire, but it reached only two thirds of the way, and landed instead at Hesselager on South Funen. The story can help explain the name.   

Frequently asked questions

At Hesselager on the eastern side of Funen

The ladies stone is 46 meters in diameter, protrudes 10 meters above the ground and weighs 1000 tons!

Yes you can.

Yes, you are welcome to do so. But beware, because it can be slippery and there is a long way down.

Yes, there is paved road all the way up to and around the stone. However, it is not possible to get up on the stone itself.

There is not a wealth of activities to do on site. In addition to the sight and a crawl up the rock, we can recommend taking a lunch basket, which can be enjoyed on the table and bench set, while enjoying the view of Langeland and the Great Belt.

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