Brøndums Hotel

Bathing hotel and gourmet restaurant in idyllic Skagen

Brøndums Hotel is a popular beach hotel in the middle of Skagen city and has a special place in the city's history. Here you will find not only an idyllic bathing hotel but also a well-known gourmet restaurant.

Brøndums Hotel is included in our selected Denmark card as our users voted the hotel in the top 10 among Best Bathing Hotels in Denmark in both 2018 and 2019.

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7 reviews

  1. Great on all parameters!

  2. Always a really positive experience! Lovely atmosphere and super nice staff. We look forward to having more good experiences at Brøndums Hotel

  3. Oriented by history, great cuisine and not least a dedicated and professional staff.

    Brøndums Hotel is unsurpassed, known for its importance to Skagens painters. the TV series Matador, Badehotellet, Svenska Hjärtar.


    EXCELLENT FOOD, ditto staff
    food and restaurant worth a trip
    room full of culture and cosiness

  5. A couple of lovely days with quality of life, and fantastic food at the Brøndum hotel

    Wonderful place.
    We were treated like kings.

  6. Wellness hotel

    Wellness hotel. Service is total in high class ..

  7. Super crockery

    Super staff and super service

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