Bovbjerg Fyr

A small lighthouse in Lemvig with great attractiveness

Bovbjerg Fyr is a lighthouse located close to the edge of the 41-metre-high cliff, Bovbjergklint, which offers fine views over the North Sea. Take the steps up the 26-metre-high, red-washed lighthouse and from the platform near the top, enjoy the views over the coastal landscape. You can also walk down to the beach and discover the evidence of nature’s tremendous forces on the cliff.

The cliff at Bovbjerg is the only place in Denmark where you can see a cross-section of layers from the last two ice ages. The lighthouse is located a few hundred metres from the sea, and you can observe how the sea and wind have eroded the coast and created steep cliffs. Bovbjerg is evidence of the harsh nature of the area, and the lighthouse was also originally built to reduce the number of shipwrecks off the west coast of Jutland. In 1877, construction of the lighthouse was complete and it shined its light out at sea for the first time. Today, destruction of the cliff by the sea is partially prevented with the aid of coast-protecting constructions known as ‘høfder’ (groynes). Therefore, you can still view the cliffs, which rise up majestically in the form of open and dramatic surfaces.

The landscape around Bovbjerg Fyr is best experienced on foot or by bicycle. You can also experience the story of the region with a walk along the cliff, where information boards are placed on the route.

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