Bangsbo Fort

Bangsbo Fort is located at an altitude of 82 meters with a formidable view over Frederikshavn and the Kattegat. In clear weather you can see both Skagen, Sæby and Læsø.

The fort consists of a fortification, built by the German occupying forces during World War II and expanded by the Danish navy during the Cold War. The fort has thus been used for two historical periods, which distinguishes the fort from other German-fortified areas in Denmark.

The fort consists of 80 concrete structures, of which 70 were built during World War II. The last 10 bunkers were built in 1950 by the Navy, which still owns and uses a smaller part of the fort.

The bunker museum mediates the part of the fort that the navy does not use and has so far taken approx. 20 bunkers in use. Of these, at least half are open on the museum's opening days.

The museum offers a number of guided tours for both children and adults, which are free for guests. In addition, there are various exciting activity days, which you can also participate in.

One ticket - 4 museums

Not everyone knows this, but when you buy a ticket to Bangsbo Fort, you also get access to the other museums under the North Jutland Coastal Museum; the coastal museums in Skagen, Sæby and Bangsbo. Your ticket is even valid for a whole week, so you can easily visit all four museums during your holiday.

Highlights at North Jutland Coastal Museum 2022



    • Tuesdays and Thursdays Guided tour for children "Skagen at child height"
    • Guided city walk "Historic women in Sæby"
    • Every Wednesday at Bangsbo Fort - activity days with costumed extras.
    • Summer holiday activities for children in all museum departments.
    • (Planned summer games in the outdoor area in Skagen with the local players)

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